Robbing Hood

  An all time favorite story is rooted around Nottingham. A band of fellows seemed to live at unique campsites in various locations in the local forest. Men had been gathered with common aspiration that wouldn't necessarily be an ultimate goal. Each one had his own personality and talent, making their joint efforts work together to effectively accomplish their craft.

  We normally begin our tale, one of many, with one of the team standing, sitting or lying in a path.  Along comes an entourage of dignitaries, classy or prestigious who are obviously wealthy. It is always the same scenario. They stop to help, question or ridicule the individual. He smiles with a knowing smile, doffs his hat or scratches his chin and suddenly the travelers are surrounded and outnumbered by the band.  They are relieved of their jewelry, gold and all other valuables, and the band disappears into the brush.  The travelers overwrought and disturbed would run to the Sheriff of Nottingham and he would vow to catch the perpetrators of this travesty.  The scene fades as a new one appears, in which some poor peasants who were about to lose their property or a cow to the tax collector of Nottingham. Miraculously they bring in enough jewelry, gold or other valuables to pay off their debt.

  Throughout all these years, I, like any other average American was enthralled by the books, movies and TV that pictured and presented these fanciful exploits. I normally did not think about the exploited very much. Of course the story or movie would usually paint them in an unsavory light. The intent of the story was usually they deserved to lose what they lost and the people who were helped deserved to be helped from their oppressors who generally were somehow connected to the Sheriff of Nottingham. Listen, when you have 20 or 30 men and usually some of their families traveling with you through the forest, there are expenses. You have to have food, clothes and dental appointments! All these require jewelry, gold and other valuables. And it will take more if you are going to generously share with other needy folk. Obviously you will necessarily have to stop a large number of travelers in order to meet your budget. If you stop a large number of travelers, you don't have time to do a background check to find out which ones are rich. Pretty soon you don't even try to evaluate your customer, especially if you are just standing in the path waiting.  You found out a long time ago that if you try to be choosy and let one person off the hook, then everybody wants to be let off the hook, so with a tip of your feathered hat and a bow, you take everybody's jewelry, gold and other valuables.

  Some of my readers are already there ahead of us. Please wait. Let's talk about the Sheriff of Nottingham for a minute. He is usually pictured as a proud, extortion minded dirt bag and he has to be that in order to fit the story line. We might consider for a minute that he works for a cruel regime and is not really free to expose any good qualities that might be hidden under all that pressure. No! I'm not going to let him off the hook. I will say this though, any sheriff has the duty and obligation to bring crooks to justice.

  All travelers could not possibly be scrooges or wicked land lords. Some of them had to be honest hard working, devoted neighbors. Yet, they were required by the band to give up what they had for the common good.  I have noticed in life that a good majority of people who are wealthy, readily contribute to charitable and worthy needs. They do it freely and regularly in accord to what they know has been provided to them. Why is it necessary for any band to feel it their responsibility to take from the rich and share some with the poor. It usually is not fair to either the rich or the poor. Robin Hood was a crook.

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