Carry Concealed

  America is in turmoil in just about any arena you could enter. I have been amazed, yet bothered by our last presidential elections and that the two candidates wind up neck and neck requiring special vote count procedures; remember the hanging chads? I almost feel there is some kind of conspiracy. It is just not likely that 250 million people could be almost equally divided between two men who are virtually twin politicians!  I was reading a bit about American history the other day and was reminded that in the first years of the settling of the colonies, there was a divide; some being in favor of being loyal to King George and others  wanting independence.  The ensuing battles were fought, with reluctance because of political and philosophical divides. The meetings and discussions that had brought the Constitution into reality was difficult under some dissidents and of course the English refusal to release its newfound world.

  With the breaking of the bindings of King George and the forming of the new free world, again the differences, though minimized, did not go away.  However, by now the overwhelming majority was on board the desire to build a new nation that the word, "free" would have real meaning.  The Constitution is a document that declares freedom for the citizens of this wonderful country. In various areas where there might be some misunderstanding, amendments were incorporated legally into the writ and we now have a clear document that is sufficient to cover the basic needs of a civil union.  The only problem being there are still individuals and small groups who are not convinced that we have the best system of government. This added to the many other nations that hate us and have tried to destroy us, we are yet divided generation to generation.  I remember in the thirties and forties, as Hitler rose to power in Germany, there were Nazi's and fascists right here in America. Chicago right now has some remnants of that persuasion.  After the fall of Hitler, it seems as though Communism filled in the void. I have spent most of my life under the threat of Communist Russia and China. Our stated foreign enemies were the Communists and Socialists of the world.

  I have never in all my life seen such a rise of power or party in the interior of America that was not in favor of the systems that have succeeded in this country. The phrase that the current President uttered is the intent of a rising power. That phrase is, "a radical change." The current administration unabashedly claims that it is changing America. It seems they have covered all bases. It seems as if they have been planning a long time. It is an open demand that the Constitution be altered or rejected. We for a long time have allowed gnawing teeth to chew upon the document.  Civil rights laws, gun freedoms, speech freedoms and other areas have been altered and interpreted by liberal lawyers and courts. It is strange how some rights have been twisted to where they are no longer rights, but are limitations. The Democratic game has brought us into a place where the minority has more authority than the majority.

  The Constitutional guarantees that were given to us in the original document has in some ways been dissected to the point that we citizens have to jump through hoops, apply for licenses, get credentials and fit criteria in order to benefit from or enjoy some of the freedoms afforded us.

  Blindly we have allowed our children in public & high schools as well as colleges & universities to be taught philosophies contrary to the Constitution.  They have no allegience to the founders principals and beliefs for a wonderful nation.  Much of our society have the idea that government owes them happiness and financial support. The socialistic plan that never works very long because the givers cannot outnumber the takers very long.

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