Revive Us Again

  The title of this article is also the title of a favorite hymn that most Christians are very familiar with.  We sing the hymn often because it resonates a prayer that resides in every Christian's heart.  The word
re vive means that we have been there before and we want to be there again. The Bible revive has to do with the restoration of life. Even though the word revive is not found in the New Testament, we normally acquaint the word with a set series of services and preaching with the title revival. The purpose of the meeting is to see people saved and to see backslidden Christians get right with God.

  The Bible says that lost sinners are dead in their trespasses and sins. There is no spiritual life in them. They are in need of a new birth. A lost person cannot be revived, he must be regenerated. (life has to be put back into him.)  Lost people getting saved in revival meetings are actually fringe benefits of such meetings.

  There is no question that born again believers are in reality, sinners who have been bought with the blood of Jesus. Though God has forgiven their sin and totally forgotten their sin, they are still sinners capable of sin. Capable of allowing the flesh to over whelm the spirit. Much of Paul's letters deal with various problems of Christian sin. He challenges us to put off the old man and put on the new man. We are not to yield to the flesh but to the spirit. The indwelling spirit convicts us and leads us who have been born of the Spirit of God. So, the main goal of a called revival is to bring Christians back into fellowship with the Lord.
  Revival could mean, repentance from grievous sin. Christians can allow themselves to get so far from God's will that they fall into sinful practice. Quit sinning and do the works of repentance is the way back with God's help.

  Revival could mean, restoration of a prodigal believer. A born again believer can get out of fellowship with the Lord. If they get out of Church, if worldly activities take predominant interest of the believer. If they become indifferent to their spiritual needs and have drifted from their relationship with the Lord.

  Revival could mean, A Christian surrendering to an indwelling conviction of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit indwells every true believer in Christ. He works from within. He draws, He leads and He convicts. Sin, righteousness and judgment covers a ministry of the Spirit within. Most of that leadership is a fine tuning of our life in its testimony for Christ. Putting off the work of the flesh. Putting on Christ.  Then there is the work of the Holy Spirit in calling Christians into specific service. We are presented with the need of a ministry, preaching, teaching at home or abroad. Or a support ministry of the Church. Sometimes Christians will allow the cares of this world take priority over a particular burden or calling. Revival can serve the atmosphere and preaching of the Word of God to where a Christian will surrender to the will of God.

  Revival could mean, a time to  reflect on the success of a Christian in his or her service for the Lord. Whether or not our chosen Church is dedicated to fulfilling the will of God and to the true Word of God.

  Revival could mean, Christians getting their eyes off themselves or fellow Christians. When we are self concerned we are selfish. When we are spying on fellow Christians for faults that they will have then holding those faults over their heads either privately or mouth to ear in gossip. The New Testament has ample warning against slander and gossip  Definite action is the only cure.

  In that same vein, we must not allow ourselves to compare ourselves with ourselves.  "If nobody else is working, then neither am I."  This kind of thought needs revival.

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