Riding The Wave of The Future

As a born again Christian, I am almost enjoying my current life because I recognize that I am truly living in the last times. The Bible in several passages describes the world coming to a place and time just before God resumes His dealings with the Jews.

  Having said that, now I say that I am extremely agitated at what is happening to my country today.  As a casual student of history, I see things happening that never should happen in the God blessed land of America. History tells of its discovery, founding and development. In the past 70 so years I have witnessed many happenings myself personally. Our fathers and grandfathers went to war to defend and protect the rights that were included in the Constitution. Many of them lost their lives on the battle field. Philosophical religion caused a few other nations to rise up and try to conquer the world including the United States. Their philosophy aligned to the point that they became known as the Axis powers. Their philosophy revealed itself in political systems of oppression against weak segments of their society where they brought the weak into bondage under the tyrant and despot. We fought them gallantly and  won victories over them. We remained a free nation and prospered to the wonderment of the world. All the while there remained elements internally and externally that wanted to destroy the freedoms of every individual and to destroy the right of anyone to pursue his happiness.

  Though we in the past generation fought and died for these true freedoms, we lived in times of great pressure. Other nations, who became powerful through the enslavement of their citizens threatened to destroy us from without and within. Apparently most of us did not take those threats seriously. We allowed agents of those false philosophies and religions to sneak over our borders and work their ways into key, significant and strategic positions within the framework of our nation. Now we are aware that they snuck into our school systems and taught our children their subversive languages and tactics. We have been rudely awakened to find that segments of our own society have sold out to those socialistic philosophies. Segments of our own society have been converted at least in thought to those abusive and violent religions.  The principles and standards of our land are being driven by the forces of a new generation and influence of other cultures.

  Every Christian should be torn between two admonitions. An admonition to expect the rapture and return of Jesus because we know that we are living in the last times. Jesus could call his own at any moment so we should be watchmen on the wall warning the wicked and winning the lost. We also have an admonition to do what we can to defend the principles and standards of our world. We should be loyal to our flag, the Constitution and the history of our nation. We have an admonition to be active in the preservation of our God fearing civilization. There is no doubt that America was founded by people who were some how directed and led by the Holy Creator. The founding documents, though not inspired of God, were certainly based upon a knowledge and the convictions of the Holy Scripture.  As true Americans we have no choice but to defend the faith once delivered to the saints and at the same time defend our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. We need to be able to convince and be convinced to the motivations and determinations of the men who drew up and produced those outstanding documents.

  For almost three hundred years, men and women fought for and stood for the principles, doctrines and standards that has led to our enjoyment and satisfaction of living in a prosperous land. What right do we have to squander it or worse yet, lose it? Are we responsible any less than our forefathers?

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