Did You See That?

  We as a nation are still living in the aftermath of the Boston bombings. Of course we have been living under the shadow of such possible disasters for over ten years. Television cameras captured the actual blasts and the response of civilians and emergency personnel as the smoke floated away. Then our TV sets took over our lives for the following few days. Gradually the photos were scrutinized and the public was quizzed. Blurry TV shots picked out two fellows and the chase was on.

  Then on live TV Thursday night the law caught up to the perps and one was killed. The next day, a good portion of suburban Boston looked like a war zone. Law enforcement officers in huge numbers took over Watertown and streets were blocked off.  People were told to stay in their houses and officer went door to door looking for one man.  This is where I start double thinking.  Part of me wants this fellow to be caught and stopped from doing any more damage. No telling why he did what he did and no telling who was backing him. No telling if there were not some others just like him getting ready to pick up where he leaves off. Yes, we have just got to get him!

  On the other hand, as I hear and see how the officials literally take over a thriving neighborhood and bring it to a standstill over one 19 year old boy.  We are told how he is identified and described, we are introduced to his mother and father in a foreign land. We are told of his Facebook page, we are informed of his pastimes, we are given more pictures. The cell phone that he is carrying is helping to locate his exact position. Those few blocks are cordoned off and more troops are brought in. A little old lady notices a garage door open, another occupant of the house goes out to check a uncovered boat and discovers the catch of the day. Helicopters with special cameras hover over the boat and reveal a person lying down in the boat. The war zone sounds erupts again on the TV and pretty soon it is announced that the 2nd suspect is down. It is pretty well over.

  There is a good number of us out here on Main street USA who are convinced that the world is headed for perilous times. We do vary in the degree of our conviction and we also vary in our opinion  as to cause and effect. We who are older and have grown up on Main street USA can tell you about many things that are being changed just in the last 5 years, if you are willing to sit quietly and listen to us reminisce. We are especially concerned that the foundations of our country are being openly attacked, by people in high places. Boston showed us that the government can take over neighborhoods, towns, cities, states or the whole shebang and the public will say, "O.K."  When America was founded they told us to keep our guns ready against a tyrannical government.  Now a tyrannical government is wanting to take our guns from us. The founders promised us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now the government is promising us food stamps, total health and paid abortions and expects the people who make over 250k to pay the bill.

  There is an overriding factor in all of this. We have a marvelous historic book that not only described the current events but promised us that it will ultimately turn out very good for some of us. Actually, I should say, "any of us." The invitation is open to all who will believe what that book says and who it says it about.

  The world is headed for disaster and there is not much we can do to detour that destination. All we can do is throw out the life line!!! America is the strongest earthly force upon which Israel leans heavily. There is a period of 7 years that could start at any moment. That period has no accommodation for a powerful nation to protect Israel. America will not be recognizable when the antichrist makes his debut.

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