Fainting Christians 

Perhaps the most important aspect of being a born again Christian is that it is an eternal state. We will never lose our salvation and we have reservations for Heaven that will never be cancelled. Having said this, I would like to refer to a passage in the Bible that some believe helps prove that we can lose our salvation.  Galatians 6:9

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."

  They do not include the context, but I don't need to either. I can actually settle the argument with two or three statements. Fainting is not dying. Fainting is not quitting permanently. Fainting is not  continual failure.

  Though this verse cannot be connected to losing one's salvation, it is still there and needs to be addressed. It obviously is talking about us as Christians. It is giving us a warning and is to be considered as a possibility. It tells us several things that I will use as an outline.

  It is possible for Christians to get weary. The physical aspect of the Christian life sometimes can wear us out. It takes effort to accomplish things on this earth for Jesus Christ. The mental aspect of the Christian life can be stressful. Decisions and convictions that run contrary with our peers can be emotionally straining and difficult.
  Doing things well in God's eyes is seldom the same to the world's eyes. Though the yoke of Christ is easy, the world is never in favor with Christian service.

  Planting, watering and reaping are terms that are connected to illustrations of Christian service especially in the parables of Jesus Christ. Paul also alludes to that in our text verse. There is a due season for our work and efforts for Jesus Christ.  We now work in the fields that are white unto harvest. We know that our time is limited and we don't know when our time will be up.  We can't see immediate fruit of our labor always. Sometimes we labor without knowing exactly what will become of our efforts.  Only the Lord knows his perfect will for our lives. I try to always remember God's formula given in 1 Corinthians. He says that there are steps to be followed.  Actually someone has to till the ground, someone has to sow the seed, someone has to till the soil and someone has to water the plants. In that chapter God tells us that he is the one who provides the increase.

  We as Christians are told that even though we live in the world we are not to be of this world.  Most Christians have no desire to participate in worldly activities and manners. We have a very clear disgust of sin, our own and that which permeates our society. The difficulty is watching the results of sin, feeling the hurt of the sin of others towards us, and having to pay the price that the sin of others  brings upon our culture.

  Here in the USA, we as Christians find ourselves being surrounded by a growing animosity toward us  and our faith. We are intimidated by a culture that won't let us pray in certain places, won't let us read our Bible publicly, won't let us mention the name of Jesus and other restrictions.

  We find our children in public schools being exposed to and taught philosophy and religion that is contrary to our faith. The next generation is coming along without the grounding and even the knowledge of God.

  All these things are the things that cause us to become weary and because it never lets up, sometimes we lose sight of those wonderful promises and the prize of the high calling of God.
  This scripture reminds us that everything the Lord told us in His Word is truth. Everything, the Bible promises concerning our glorious future will come exactly as God says.

  Let us labour therefore and not be weary in well doing.

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