Why Christians Don't Witness

  The dominating concern of most Christians is their failure to be what Jesus commanded us to be; witnesses.  The world, more than ever before, is on a fast track to hell and destruction. The broad road to destruction is packed and the picture of humanity pouring over the precipice is in full flow.  Meanwhile Christianity is in decay and denial. Outside of tidbits of revival in remote spots, we preach and proclaim evangelism without illustration.

  The world has become very argumentative against the Gospel and has developed intricate anti-doctrine doctrines. Evolution is promoted as the prevailing thought.

  Public laws have been passed legalizing practically everything that the Bible disallows. Mankind has devised ways of dodging their need of God. There is a plethora of substitute religions against the only truth. We are overwhelmed by the overwhelming variety of philosophies. So, many Christians will not prepare themselves to debate or debunk the false lies of the devil and are content to close their eyes and heart to the dying souls who are literally blinded by Satan.

  Any witness has to be credible in his or her vocal witness in order to be effective in his or her witnessing. Have you ever entertained a Jehovah Witness or Mormon?  They are very adept at relating what they have been trained to relate, but most of them are not credible in revealing their personal experience or convictions. Many Christians come across that same way.  Have you ever heard someone describe how a fireman literally snatched them out of flames? That tale is a lot more credible than even a fireman describing how he would snatch someone out of flames. We cannot be real witnesses in the second person. We cannot be as effective, even though we might back up our doctrinal belief with ten Biblical references to every point, as we can when our eyes magnify our voice of personal witness. I do not care how your personal account of your salvation is detailed, it still is the most effective means of winning someone else to Christ.

  Any witness for Christ must be a tangible example of the work of Jesus Christ. Many think they are Christian simply because they are American. Many think they are Christian because their parents or grandparents were Christian. Many think they are Christian because they were brought up in Church. More than likely these reasoning's do not result in regenerated believers.
Many who follow these reasoning's do more to damage the cause of Jesus Christ than help that cause. Their lives show little evidence of having been born again of the Spirit of God! The sin in their lives overshadows any words that they utter. A Christian that cannot be a witness for Jesus because of a rotten lifestyle, needs to repent and get right with God so that his or her witness can be a glory to God. By the way it really is true that a person who has tasted the wickedness of this world before conversion to Christ becomes one of the most powerful and productive witnesses.

  Christian history reveals that once fervent Christian nations are only fervent for a time. Churches abound within walking distance for attendees. Two or three generations later the church buildings begin to fall empty and the visible influence of the Christians wane.  Such environment also has an effect on most  of those who possess Christ. First, we feel that everybody knows the message of salvation and that most of those who know it are not interested in hearing it again.  We find more agitation in the responses of those we approach with the Gospel.  The animosity of the spirit of anti-christ is stronger and the reasoning of lost souls are more difficult to deal with.

  Finally; we must not forget. Anybody can get saved!! If Paul the apostle can get saved, then anybody can get saved. God is not willing that any should perish.

  God tells us this, shows us, and leads us to witness to others all we experience and learn.

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