The Roller Coaster,
be sure you are strapped in.

  A few days ago a terrible story was broadcast about a mother who had gotten on a roller coaster with her children at a theme park. During a strained maneuver her safety bar dislodged and she was thrown to her death. Her own children witnessed the tragedy. The children reported later that she had complained about the bar before the ride even started.

  I use this story as a segue into an amazing comparison. This world is rapidly becoming a roller coaster, especially for those of us who believe the Bible.

  First, I must clarify that I do not believe that born again Christians will spend any part of the 7 year tribulation upon this earth. They will be snatched out just before the Anti-Christ is revealed according to 2 Thessalonians 2 and tribulation is aimed at Israel, not at Christians.

  One other point needs to be addressed here. America is very important to us, but it is not important in Scripture, it is not even mentioned. This fact should help us not to over emphasize our importance. In fact we should be able to read the hand writing on the wall. Like many other countries around this world, America is beginning to taste the pangs of Christ rejection.  In the last few days San Antonio, TX has announced that it is taking measures to forbid Christians from holding public office. It is also issuing threats against public Christian witness. "Surely" We think this will be over ridden or out voted." My question, though, is how did we get to this point in the first place?

  At any rate, it really does look like our world is turning into a roller coaster for Christians. The Lord warned us that the world would increasingly get worse and worse. Certain things have to take place and obviously the world needs to be prepared for the coming of Anti-Christ.

  Perversion will top the list of moral failures in our culture. Romans chapter 1:18-32 leaves no doubt.  I just read today of the gay world threatening to sue the Red Cross and other blood gathering organizations for discrimination against them. It looks like the gays wants every body to suffer aids so that the medical world will work harder to cure aids.

  False religions are coming out of the woodwork, strike that! Crawling out from beneath a rock, strike that! Oozing out of the swamp and our world is getting more confused every day. Our children are being exposed to wicked, satanic inspired doctrines and lies.

  Satan has succeeded in removing the foundation of God's true word. Do you think Bibles that say different things, can all be the word of God? Is Jesus deity? Is hell real?  Does baptism save? Is eternal life really eternal?  Some newer versions of the Bible hide the clarity of these doctrines.

  Probably the most difficult things to deal with is referred to as
Christian standards.

It is very difficult to differentiate between Christian and non Christian lifestyles. The clothing differences, the music differences and the activities differences are a major area of disagreement and animosities in Christian ranks.

  The Amish have an untenable structure of requirements without a cadre of leadership which gives the world a confused opinion on what religious behaviour should be. The Bible instructs us to dress and behave modestly with separate clothing for male and female.  True, each Christian has to choose the type of music they prefer, but it is also true that music is used by Satan to weaken the spiritual strength of Christians. Many musicians are dedicated to tearing down the walls of the doctrinal differences in Christianity.

  Finally, Hollyweird is doing all it can to destroy Christianity.


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