Free TVs!!!

  Back in the 70's while in Connecticut, we lived about an hour and a half from New York City. Our little town was actually called a NYC bedroom town. No cable was needed, as we could receive the live broadcasts of several NYC tv stations including all the major network base stations. We were able to hear and see first hand all the happenings in that area.

  There was a major black out of a huge section of  NYC and it seemed that chaos broke out and there were many problems that began to develop.  The garbage began to pile up.  Grocery stores began to frantically try to preserve their frozen and perishable goods.

  Somehow the TV stations remained on the air and reporters with cameras roamed the streets. Since the streets were darkened and stores were closed, crowds began to roam the streets also. The news cameras started filming looters who were breaking into the closed stores and taking what they wanted. One video clip that kept being played was a fellow climbing out of a broken store window carrying a TV set and with a wide grin he was exclaiming, "Free TVs, Free TVs."

  Any free offer will attract and draw a crowd.  Whether a door prize or other promise of something free, people will come for a free gift.  Gradually but steadily a segment of our political world has discovered and adapted this phenomenon into their campaign programs. "Vote for me and get free stuff." If you are observant, you know that the Democratic party have capitalized upon this idea and have developed numerous governmental programs through the years, offering free stuff.  From Roosevelt's new deal to the current morass of free government give-away's. Mitt Romney was correct in the statistics that 47% of Americans are receiving some sort of government aid.  I am not sure if that figure is intended to include Social Security payments, which it shouldn't!  So many scams have been exposed, from illegals getting income tax refunds to unwed mothers living off of WIC with multiple fatherless children. These do not include the many who are living off the government legally using the system provided by a generous government. Billions are paid out each month by the government to government dependents.

  O.K.! Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Millions of people are receiving money monthly from Uncle Sam. How rich is Uncle Sam. How is he rich?  Where does he get his money from? Is it enough to keep this plan going forever?  Will he eventually run out of free money for the dependents? Well, maybe we should look at Uncle Sam a little closer.  The only source of money that we can see for Uncle Sam is the tax paying public. Up until recently, Uncle Sam did not own any manufacturing companies, he did not manage income producing corporations, he legally could not have holdings in public stock with dividends. His only source of income was you and me, virtually on April 15th each year. True, we had come to the place where we paid taxes with a consideration of our ability to pay, and we pay percentage wise to the amount that we earn. Many people watch those brackets closer that the NBA brackets. Through the years, the government has focused upon the corporations and companies that make a lot of money. The government has devised tax plans to get more money from these. In the last ten years, the government focused upon the financial districts.  They have found a gold mine of wealth on Wall Street.

  Since so many people are on the government dole, depending upon Uncle Sam for sustenance, Uncle Sam has turned to them to help him get more money from the rich people. The rich have become the enemies of the middle class.  Uncle Sam needs our help to go after those rich people and get more money from them, so we can get our monthly dole from Uncle Samů.


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