God's People, The Egyptians

  If you are attending Faith Baptist Church, the above title does not surprise you.

  There are a lot of things going on around this world right now that have eternal consequences. We have always touted that the Bible, "is better than today's newspaper." even though we may not have fully understood why we touted it.

  Can you believe that world wide political ramifications are being bantered by whether or not President Obama is going to stand with, by and behind Israel?  That little old sliver of land, just off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea is causing all kinds of commotion from the United Nations to the deserts of Arabia.

  Well we can keep up with the happenings of the middle east if we carefully scan the dailies and our mail box for the obviously slanted reports of present day publications… or …. We can open the book that is better than a newspaper and remind ourselves of what God has forecast about the middle east.

  First of all, I will repeat, God has informed us of what He has done in the middle east and what He is going to do in the middle east.  Second, I will mention several books of the Bible to assure us that the subject is not limited to an obscure verse or two.  Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel and Thessalonians are some of the more noted prophetical sources in the Bible. Many prophetical passages or portions can be found in some of the other books that are referred to as minor prophets. Thirdly, it is important to know that the places, countries and many cities listed in the Bible are extant today enough to be identified.

  All knowledgeable Christians know that we are very close to two major events prophesied in the Bible. The reasons we know they are imminent is because the Lord told us so Himself and gave us proof. Most of our conversation focuses upon the rapture of the saints, but we have a physical focus. That is upon the nation of Israel.  Sure enough, the several huge nations that surround little Israel grow more threatening every day. We see and hear those leaders say they want to completely eradicate the Jews off the face of the earth. It looks like the entire region is poised to attack. The majority of Christians realize that the rapture will take place and virtually the whole 7 year tribulation will be completed before Armageddon #1 takes place, so, "We won't be here!" Anyhow, we look at the odds and think, "only God can deliver Israel."  Wait a minute. How is He going to do it?  For that answer, we must go to Ezekiel whom God lets give a blow by blow description. His book begins by showing us a little history of those surrounding nations. Reveals that Israel was not the testimony for the Lord that she should have been. God expresses impending judgment upon the nations that gloated over Israel's calamities.

  Then we finally come to the valley of dry bones, telling of the Jews return to its own land after 1878 years, gathering no longer as a divided nation.  Even though we older readers have witnessed several brief skirmishes and a few wars between the Moslems and the Jews there has never been one to resemble Ezekiel's.  In Ezekiel and some other prophets we get a list of the nations that are going to be coming against Israel. Conspicuously missing is Egypt. Why isn't Egypt in the list of nations that will ultimately try to push Israel into the Mediterranean?

  To the point, we have to break away from Ezekiel in our search for Egypt's future.  Let's look at Isaiah 19. Out of the blue, but in connection with future events, Isaiah tells us that in the beginning of those last events, God is going to focus upon Egypt. They will lose favor as a leading nation, they will suffer civil wars, they will be threatened by a world power, but God will step in, and in verse 25 will actually call them his people.


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