Government Shutdown

  I did not go back over 27 years to see if I have previously put this title on an article before. I know that I could have! It is rare to be told of an imminent government shutdown, but it has happened quite often in my lifetime. Most of the times was when the government wanted to do something controversial and not wanted by the constituents.  Since the average citizen doesn't really know what is going on in Washington or Jefferson City, the politicians come up with these schemes to get their way and blame someone else when it goes wrong. It is confusing to hear of cities and counties filing for bankruptcy on one news item and then of the President giving 300 million to Detroit during a sequester when tours of the White House have been curtailed. 37 states are struggling to stay fiscally sound. California may lose some major counties in secession shortly. All due to finance wrangling and politics.  Republicans are giving in to the Democrats for fear of government shutdown, (so they say).  Seems like we have a lot of Rino's in Washington right now. Hopefully we won't forget that next year and in 2016.

  In spite of the many times the shepherds have cried 'Wolf' in DC, I have never seen an actual shutdown. Right now I kinda would like to see it happen, just to see what would happen. Can you imagine the power companies shutting off the electricity to the Capitol and the White House. Can you see Senators being told that they would not be paid this month. They would go into Starbucks and their credit cards would bounce. Their secretaries and aides wouldn't show up for work… 'No pay, no work!" All Senators and Congressmen would be scrambling for taxis, busses and planes to go home. Even the President would have to go back to Chicago, without government secret service. Scary thought!!

  NBC, CBS, ABC and even FOX would not have evening news casts, because there wouldn't be anything for them to talk about.

  I guess I had better quit here, it is getting too ridiculous. In the real world, a government shutdown would be a world shaking event. It definitely would have a world wide effect, not exactly for he reasons we suspect, but there would be an immediate juggle for position. There would more than likely be some calling in of financial debt by China and Arabia.

  Technically a default of our government would not have an immediate effect upon S.S. checks and military paychecks, but there are thousands of other institutions that totally depend upon their government dole and they would be screaming world wide. Then the millions of individuals who have learned to get on the government payroll. If their money was threatened, they would hit the streets, turn over cars and break out the glass store fronts.

  There would be a tidal wave reaction mixed with an earthquake reaction and an erupting volcano reaction all at the same time. I said above that part of me would like to see what a government shutdown would do, but on second thought, I hope I never get to see a real government shutdown. At the same time, my advice to the politicians who are using this ploy to get their way, we are watching you and if you pull this shenanigan off, I guarantee I will make sure I don't forget when your election comes up next year or three years from now and I will do what I can to can you.  You do realize politicians can be impeached or recalled?

  Now, before you think I don't have a spiritual side, I will leave with this final and defined statement.

  My Bible tells me that this old world is headed for total confusion and disaster. The middle eastern shuffle backs up what the Bible says. So Jesus is really going to come back to this earth and determine who the sheep and goats are. That huge judgment throne is set up in God's docket and every thing wrong will be made right. Count on it!!!

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