Leaders and Followers

  One of many natural laws of mankind is the leader/follower law.  Even in America, where all men are free (thus far), we find that America is made up of leaders and followers. Naturally, there are more followers than there are leaders. The greater ratio of our population are followers

  Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 11:1 or 10:34 that we are to follow him as he followed Christ. Jesus called most of his disciples to follow him. There are several phrases in the gospels which says, "followed him." It is not uncommon and it is precise for a believer to refer to himself or herself as a "follower of Jesus."
First let me talk about leaders for a bit. There are far fewer of them than followers. Most of the time, leaders were born to be leaders and much of the time leaders have been picked out by a majority of followers. Yes, I know that there are some people who see themselves as leaders, especially if they have fallen into that potential. They may have even manipulated situations in order to attain prominence. Definition. There is a difference between a leader and a driver. Sadly the followers can sometimes be driven by a driver, but the followers are not happy about it. A sure test for a leader is for him to turn around occasionally and see who is really following him. Clue! If no one is following you, then you are not a leader. A leader has to have some idea of where he is headed. A leader must be able to persuade the followers that he knows where he is going and to convince them that they also want to go there.

  Now to the crunch of this article, the followers. Followers do not necessarily have to be mindless. They do not necessarily have to be blobs of protoplasm. They can have a mind of their own, they can have strong wills and may be necessary to enhance the leader's lead ability.

  Followers will enthusiastically follow a leader as long as they have communication and contact with the leader. Followers will follow a leader as long as they believe in the leader and his goals. Followers will follow a leader as long as they believe they are an asset to the leader. There is no sadder situation than to observe a bunch of followers who have lost their leader.

  All types and callings among Christians are actually followers. Even Head Pastors of large congregations are actually followers of Jesus Christ.  Amazingly, a leader who exhibits a follower nature before Christ, makes a great leader of a Church.

  Today, according to studies and statistics, Christianity is losing many of its followers. Of course the Bible prophesy spoke of the great falling away. The seven churches of Revelation reveal that tendency also. Why?

  There is a lot of confusion about Jesus and what He truly said. Denominations have taken the place of our supreme leader. Philosophies have replaced doctrine and there is a continuing list of new versions of the Bible being published.

  More dire is the return of the dreaded mindset, "Every man doing what is right in his own eyes." Many no longer look to the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ. We have turned our eyes from Jesus. If you cannot see Jesus, how can you follow him?

  Every once in a while, I think of that verse in Hebrews 11. Speaking of Moses it says that he, "Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;"  Moses, before the burning bush and before the opening sea, trusted God and kept his eyes on His Lord. We as Christians lose our way, lose our influence, lose our source of strength and power, when we get our eyes off our leader. We no longer are effective in our ministry or our purpose for the Lord Jesus Christ when we look at the waves around us or the enticements of this present world.


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