Why I Believe in Prophecy

  Those of us who have had systematic training in the Word of God have become aware that the most drawing power of the Word of God is the fact that much of it is prophetical when spoken and then records and reports how and when that which was prophesied came to pass. In simpler terms God's Word gets its respect from its predictions that come true. The most amazing thing to those who read the Word, cannot explain the revelations of past prophesies so they have to admit the power of God. One over riding facet of Jesus is the some 300 old testament prophesies that spoke of Him and His comings. Unbelievers of the Bible itself are brought to faith many times by seeing God's handiwork at fulfilling predictions and predications. I use the story in John 4 where Jesus met the woman at the well. He enthralled her by his opening conversation, but the thing that converted her was, "he told me all things that ever I did:" v29

  Many times when I have been witnessing to someone, their eyes betray that they are becoming aware that God knows their insides and this usually brings them to repentance.In the intricate evaluation of the prophets of the Old Testament any student of the prophetic scriptures can astound their audience with the passages in Daniel, Isaiah & Zechariah including also several passages in Psalms which detail happenings to come in Israel and those countries in its vicinity.

  I shouldn't have to say that these same passages rightly interpreted can also awaken a lost sinner to their need of Christ. A prophet told us that Cyrus would order the rebuilding of Jerusalem 70 years after Nebuchadnezzar tore it down. Further, he predicted the exact day that Jesus would ride into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Dare I remind us that it was a prophet that told us that Jesus would be born of a virgin? Most preachers hold that verse in Isaiah high on the list when debating the infallibility of God's Word. How could anyone predict a virgin birth (impossibility) some 700 years before it happened?

  I find the study of prophecy intriguing when I have a watchful eye for the little gems through out the Bible where God spoke of a coming event or accomplishment.  One has to be careful of becoming overzealous on those searches, but there are ample examples of true gems.

  I believe it is important to have a running chronological knowledge of coming events to effectively warn the wicked of coming judgment. Humanity no longer believes in God's imminent judgment for current incidents. "God is going to get you!" is no longer a feared statement. Opening up Revelation 20 & 21 will cause a person to think twice about their standing with God. The Bible does remind us that no one knows the day or the hour of the coming of Jesus, but Jesus told us that a generation would not pass after Israel was reformed before Jesus would come. This is precious to me because I was 10 years old when Israel declared itself a nation on May 15, 1948.

  When a believer has a working knowledge of coming events, he or she is more confident in their faith and can better explain why they believe what they believe about Heaven and eternity. The book of Revelation concludes with a wonderful description of the heavenly New Jerusalem and our new home on the new earth.

  Prophecy helps us to know exactly how and why the Lord will divide the righteous from the wicked. When you realize that the only people who wind up in Heaven are those who have their name written in the Lamb's Book of Life it has a different effect in our outreach.

  Prophecy gives us the assurance that God will finish the work he has begun in us and that we can rest assured that we will never suffer the wrath of God under any conditions or in spite of doctrinal errors.

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