God has been so good in working out details in the transition of Pastors for FBC. I had been concerned for sometime about who would replace me as Pastor of this Church. Some might argue that to be the Lord's business and it definitely is. It would not be right for a pastor to spend over a quarter of a century at a church and not be concerned about its future.  Many pastors simply resign and walk away, causing disruption in that ministry. God has allowed us to make a relatively smooth transition.

  Bro. Steeves had a burden for this area while serving the Lord in Iowa. When some doors closed there, he began seeking the Lord's will. Meanwhile Pastor Metts was praying for a replacement that truly would have a heart for a small town, small church. Then the two burdens met and the two men met. It did not take long for both to see God's hand working in their lives and that He is still Lord of FBC.

  One outstanding thing is that many of the active people of FBC had known Bro. Steeves from his teen years as he grew up in a near by town.

  For the past several months, we have spent time transferring the pertinent details of the Church business and town connections. I would have given my right arm to have such when I took FBC in 1986. My predecessor was taken too quickly. I am only most grateful that he left the church in good condition.

  As we have discussed opinions, convictions and personal preferences I have come to the conclusion that there are still some in the younger generation who can still hold to the same tenets of the faith that I have found strong. I am convinced that Bro. Adam will not lead FBC off on a different course.  On the other hand, he is not a clone of me, so, he will take the Church forward from here with his own leadership in which I have full confidence.

  In these times, perhaps the greatest physical need a young pastor has is a strong family base. Again, I am convinced that Bro. Adam has that to a high caliber.  His wife, Hannah, loves the Lord both in conversation and her lifestyle. She carries an inner peace that few women today have. She loves and is devoted to her husband and will make a wonderful helpmeet to him.

  Their children are remarkable. All four of the children are obedient to their parents and have willing hearts to do and be what God would have them be.  As grandparents twelve times over my wife and I are both more than willing to add these 4 to our list and be proud of them. The older ones readily took on responsibilities when they walked in the door. No doubt as they grow older, they will be wonderful assets to the ministry of FBC.

  I am leaving a small church in number but one with great potential.  We as a small congregation, weathered a storm and God has brought us through.  Our people have been faithful and many of them have stepped up to a need and filled it by the grace and help of God.  I will always be thankful when I remember those who took hold of a duty to God and did well.

  My challenge to FBC is to realize that their new pastor is also a human being like all pastors.  He needs prayer. God has his hand upon him and has literally put him into this ministry.  He needs support.  Every church member should step forward to follow this man as he follows the Lord. His leadership will be transparent and with full faith in God, the Church can trust his decisions and convictions. Together, in harmony, great things can be accomplished both here and abroad, by a Church united in its determination to  be true to God and His word.

  Every member must be totally committed to the ministry and minister of FBC. Your positive spirit and devotion will be one of the strongest forces to encourage others to come through your doors and be enlisted into the work of Jesus Christ.

  My prayer and hope for FBC is that it will prosper each day.

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