Sometimes it is necessary to transplant living things in order to establish a new root system. It is not as difficult as it may seem, but it does take special care and a particular process. Winter time seems to be the most popular time to take care of this work. I remember doing it in January of 1961, February of 1974, January of 1985 and most recently January of 2014.

  It is a matter of coming to a conclusion that it is definitely necessary to transplant. That conclusion can be instigated by necessity or command; either way, it is a forgone conclusion and requires positive response. Sometimes it is difficult to separate from the old root system because of tangling and adapted nutrients. The old environment had many seeming necessary attachments. Other times, the re-rooting is the only answer to survival. Either way, transplantation does require drastic measures in which old roots are torn away, and some dead roots have to be pruned and cut off. Even the soil in which the roots have been nurtured has to be refreshed on certain occasions. The old environment, though comfortable, has to be abandoned in order for a new habitation to be provided.

  Once a location has been located which will be the new home, it is necessary to take from the previous environment only that which is necessary. We usually make a big mistake in taking too much stuff from the old location but sentiment does accompany itself with sediment. Anyway, we find ourselves with more stuff than room to stuff and there is almost no room to breathe in the new environment. But we squnch ourselves into the new place and go about establishing our new root system. First priority is to provide ourselves with nutrients, Aldi's is just a hop, skip and a jump six or seven blocks away. Having established a new location, we contact the delivery providers and shortly mail and packages resume their usual arrivals. We make sure that the authorities know where we are, enabling us to place markers on our vehicles and a current address on our licenses. We set out to find new doctors who will accept Social Security recipients. We establish a pharmacy from where to fill our prescriptions. We find ourselves in a neighborhood that so far has been a friendly one, with several neighbors showing themselves friendly.

  The most important objective in this new environment is to find a local New Testament Church in which to serve the Lord, because we are convinced that true Christians cannot serve the Lord outside a local Church base. This area has an abundance of potential Church homes, though one still has to be careful with which one to unite. One Church has a larger pull to us, for fifty years ago we were transplanted out of it so we felt led of the Lord to re-establish that connection as we wait upon the Lord for future instructions or directions. Time has rotated familiar faces from the membership of this Church, and it has had the influences primarily of two men in the intervening years, but the church has the same spirit and spiritual goals that it had 50 years ago, it is still a Bible believing, Bible preaching and Bible practicing church with some very good people occupying its pews. We already feel welcome and useable.

  It is with great anticipation that we wait upon the Lord to see what He has for our future, for we know that our service is not finished on this earth.

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