Living the Life of a Lost Christian

:  Yesterday, a beautiful, talented young Christian lady made an astonishing announcement. She announced that she had gotten saved on Easter Sunday.
  I have witnessed others doing that in my own ministry, and as I ponder on the prospect, I believe I am correct in stating that there are are a lot of such people in our Christian World today. So I have decided to write this blog with the hope that it will help fix some things that bother us.

  What kind of life does a schizo lost Christian live. They are two different people in the same body, which is a fair description of any Christian. But, in the life of the lost Christian, the main part is actually lost, and not just a carnal fleshly counter part of a Spirit led believer. Romans 7.

  A lost Christian is a person who has surrepticiously slipped into the ranks of Christianity through one of many avenues. Many children who were raised in Christian homes, grow up as lost Christians. Some young people are drawn in to a youth group by peer pressure of friends they want to be like. Some, who are entering into a marriage or vocational relationship assume the Christian veneer and work their way into acceptance by those that need to be influenced. Some, in the effort to turn over a new leaf, or open a new path, will take on the image of being Christian. Tragically, sometimes, these people are actually innocently falling into the devil's trap of a pretended life.

  A lost Christian is a person who has developed a public shell that is what everyone sees and depending upon the environment can be developed so finely that it is impossible for those who accompany him or her to detect the problem. Only he, himself or she, herself would know the truth or in some cases be troubled at that truth. They are a lost person on their way to a fiery hell, doing their best to present themselves as a Christian!

  Outwardly, they seem to be no different that those peers that they run with or that they want to impress. They attend the same services, functions and activities that their friends attend, they are intelligently able to converse on spiritual and Biblical subjects. They can audibly pray the language of prayer even though they are not talking to God, but rather for the benefit of others who may be listening. They talk the talk of a Christian, but inwardly they know that in reality they are nothing less than a hypocrite. They do not actually and actively love God or Jesus. They go along with the things that maintain their relationships. Everybody is completely fooled, but God. Many times they are fooled themselves, thinking that all Christians are the same as they.

  In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul makes a plain and wonderful statement about the over riding predicament of we who have trusted Christ. We are torn between flesh and spirit. This in simple terms means that we do what we shouldn't do and we don't do what we should do. There is a continuing and consistent struggle between our two unseparable parts. At least they are unseparable until death or the rapture! Much and most of our existence as Christians is spent waging that internal battle. The difference between a true Christian and a lost Christian is that the real Christian has the indwelling Christ who is the overcomer of the flesh. Romans 8; 1 John.

  Professing Christian. Are you living your whole Christian life, driven by the drive to influence or please those in your world. Or are you actually living your life for Jesus because you know He is your life?


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