Who's Making The Rules?

  In Exodus twenty and Deuteronomy five, we have a list of commandments that God commanded Moses to pass on to the people and eventually to the world of human beings. Galatians five tells us that God gave those laws to eventually draw men to Jesus Christ. In between the giving of the commandments and the explanation of their purpose, we find Jesus dying on the cross with an amazing last statement, "It is finished." The context of that statement is that He came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. We now live in a world that for a long time has been hearing the Christian message, "We are not under the law, but under grace." The world has picked up on that message and assumed that this also refers to them.

  In my lifetime, I have witnessed a world that has focused on peeling off any and all remnants of God's authority through his commandments and laws. All I need say is the phrase, "Blue laws."

  Laws and expectations of a hundred years ago, are now considered silly, redundant and ridiculous. As a society, we pride ourselves of shedding off those obtrusive restrictions and our modern approach to a new world.

  Recently we have acquired ourselves a president, who is flexing his political muscles by disregarding laws duly enacted by a duly elected congress. He is telling men that they can marry men and women can marry women. He is hell bent to take away our guns and releasing convicted felons back into the streets, because he has a pen and a phone. He thinks, that because he is president and a black man, he can do any thing he wants to do and nobody can stop him. He has literally taken control of the nation's economy and industrial powers and is manipulating them like his own puppets. I need to be fair for this article. The president is not acting alone, because there is a majority of Washington politicians who are egging him on, because they also want to take control of-- We The People.

  Much of our current confusion is due to the lack of basic rules and an influx of personalized rules. The EPA is daily issuing rules thought up by the tree huggers. The NEA is cramming evolution and Common Core into our kid's brains and the IRS is ensconcing itself in our bank accounts. All this and more, because we do not want any rules and we are making rules to outlaw rules.

  Did you ever ponder this? Alcohol is one of the main destroyers of anything good. Millions are tied to its influences, multitudes are homeless, helpless and hapless because of its influences. Civilized America once tried to control it and condense its influences, but Americans rose up and demanded freedom from any control of their booze, it was legalized and we suffer. Now we are doing the same trip with marijuana and other mind bending chemicals. Rules are tossed about with witless abandon. Think of this. Rules control the criminal elements of a society, but what if criminals are allowed to make the rules?

  I am a preacher and will always be a preacher, as long as I walk through life. Back up to an earlier paragraph in this article. The one that talked about Exodus 20. God wrote some rules on a chunk of stone with his own finger, then proceeded with a plan that eventually resulted in a world laughing at his rules. What the world has not yet realized was that God has an ulterior plan. His ulterior plan is that He will, with his own finger, write his rules in a much more effective location. His promise in His Word, tells us that if we will simply initiate faith in His Son, that He will write his laws in our hearts. One phrase will capture God's intent, "Let this mind be in you." Philippians two.

  The only hope for a lawless world is Jesus. Other wise, we will have to survive with Murphy's Law, until God wraps the whole thing up!


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