Freedom Of Religion

  For the first time in history, America finds itself in a quandary. When the Pilgrims landed with hopes for a new country, a major factor in their desires that they would have freedom of religion. The old world had oppressed and supressed them so much that it was imperative that they rid themselves of any resemblence of that regime that had controlled their religious faith.

  Every early document that was formulated in the new world insisted that Americans be guaranteed freedom of religion. Ultimately the Constitution itself included emphatically and primarily that we would be able to worship, individually, as we please. The meaning and motivation of that basic ammendment has been questioned and actually some have used it to take away many of our public expressions of our faith in God. Still we have continued as a nation for these hundreds of years with religious freedom even though more and more of us are not really religious and a number of us have declared that we do not even believe there is a God.

  All these years, our doors have been open to anyone and everyone who arrives in America and willing to commit themselves to becoming American. People from all parts of the world make the decision to come to America. Since America has never stipulated a denomination or religion, these immigrants have brought with them a desire to become American and a determination to keep their own religion. Therefore just about any city of any size includes a variety of religious meeting buildings, some being built exactly like they are built in the home country.

  Among those religious structures we will find Moslem mosques. The world's current fastest growing religion is also growing in America. Even in sparsely inhabited areas, there may be a mosque erected. We have discovered ourself as being considered a mission field by the Islam religion. They have infiltrated every aspect of our American world. Many American schools have been persuaded to teach aspects of the Moslem religion to our kids. Government bodies have been infiltrated even to the White House itself. The Pentagon is heavily influenced by Islam. Our law enforcement agencies are finding themselves pressured by Islam to be accepted as a peaceful group not to be targeted or profiled.

  More recently and more often within the last few years, Islam has revealed a darker side. While their American mosques preach peace publically, in weaker countries, those same buildings are used to incite a form of Islam that is committed to follow what there religious holy book, the Quran(Koran) actually teaches. In those weaker countries, we are watching horrible deeds beign inflicted by Moslems upon helpless people. Convert or Die is their war cry.

  So our country has fought for and defended the right of Freedom of Religion. Yet now we find ourselves faced with a problem. There is a religion that is physically approaching that wants and demands full control of our way of life. How do we respond?????

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