My Alma Mater

  Yesterday I was in a conversation about the BBC I attended in the 50's. I graduated from it in May of 1960, just ten years from its founding.

  I still am very grateful for the Bible education and the groundings for my ministries over the years. My deepest appreciation, is for the professors that were on duty during those years, Godly men and women who were dedicated to Christ and His will for their lives, while united in their spirit and drive to help young people be effective servants for Christ. Though I know that not every graduate saw these men and woman as I do and I know they were merely human, still I hold them high in my estimations.

  The first professor, I will mention, became my favorite almost at the end of the time I spent in BBC. John Ross, who was about 70 at that time, was a bit playful at times at the lecturn, but had an uncanny grasp on the four gospels and the life of Christ. In a private session with him, he introduced me to the verse and meaning of Galatians 2:20; " I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me."

  Dr. G.B. Vick is the next person that I want to mention in this list. Though not a regular professor, he was president and the driving force of the BBC that I attended. If any person can be an example of Jesus Christ on this earth, I consider Bro. Vick as one. His nature never abated publically or privately. He also drove home the fact that each of us must stand for those convictions that the Word of God expresses.

  Dr. Bill Dowell, was a huge influence upon me, both bodily and spiritually. I spent the first few months of my Springfield time in his church; the old High Street Baptist Church. I saw what I consider a real pastor at work, and learned much in his pastoral classes at BBC. I only regret that I did not put most of his instruction to practice.

  Wendel Graham also had an impact on my life. He taught a class that majored on the doctrines of the Holy Spirit. The pentacostal and charismatic influences were no longer allowed to curtail or detract me from understanding and recognizing the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I find that much of our current spiritual battles are rooted in confusion about the third person of the trinity. Right here, I am mindful that third ordinarily is distanced from first, but in the case of the Godhead, third is equal to the first.

  Kenneth and Norma Gillming came to BBC after I did. Their coming excited the campus in several ways, and they eventually became stalwart personalities in the school. Their personalities were also important aspects of their impressive instruction. There is another blog about these two. Just hit the 'back' key to return to here.

  Dr. Noel Smith sat a standard and held the standard for BBC through his classes and through his Tribune. Gruff behind the lecturn, but gentle in personal conversation, he made sure we knew what we believed and why!

  Space in a blog demands that I lump a couple of my old BBC professors. Simply because they were only temporary at the Fundamental, Independent Baptist college. The two I refer to was S.K. Grundy and Kevin McAndrews. Neither of them were Baptists, but were important men in the beginnings of the school. Mr. Grundy was involved in the music classes and gave us class in our music. He is the author of the school song. Mr. McAndrews put class in our correct understanding and use of the english language. One of his statements has stayed with me through the years, he said that the Elizabethan english was closer to true Biblical languages than modern english. I am only sorry I can't remember his reasoning. I was shocked when I learned that he smoked a pipe.... I was also shocked when I learned the same about Spurgeon.

  I repeat, I realize that these professors were human with human frailities. I am only glad that I was not overly conscious of that as I sat under their tutorage for my three years at the best Bible college for that time.


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