The Self Performed Operation

As of January I performed an operation upon myself. It was not easy and somewhat painful. I was as careful as I could be, not to harm anything that would cause collateral damage. I spent some time doing what I could to avoid the excision. I debated with myself about repercussions and losses. I gradually set the site up for the final operation. For over a week I informed all interested and involved parties, revealing my problem and plan. That seemed to help, for I only received one opposing memo. Mostly, I only got the silence of unbelief that I would actually do it, and some of that was questions as to why I would do this, when so many of my aquaintenences refuse ro recognize the growing cancer like symptoms.

  Some of my dearest friends and family have already noticed that I am not the same. The former close contact has been severed, the thing I had dreaded most! No longer will they have ready access to my thoughts and actions. No longer will they see that I like some of their shenanigans and the places they eat out. They will not arouse my comments on their daily ideas and experiences. It will seem I have dropped off the 'face' of the earth.
No, I'm still here. By now, if you know me well, you have already guessed what my self-operation is. Maybe not why.

  I have practiced Facebook for several years and have enjoyed the connections of old friends and making new friends. During these years I have tolerated the necessary advertisings. However, recently FB has made agreements with hugh advertising agencies that have opened a whold new scope of ads. My problem is that many if not most of those ads contain material that I consider objectionable. I tried for some time to block those, even chose to let FB know that I did not want that kind of ads. It seemed the more I complained, the more ads they threw at me. Thus, my decision to cut Facebook out of my computer world. And since it is a conviction from God, I won't be back. I am sure I will miss, the familial connections and hope I will be missed by them, butI have to do what I have to do, not looking back. I can assure my friends that I am not affected by the material that I objected to, but my concern is for the multitudes of young men and women who are. I am doing what I can to state, "It is from Hell itself."

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