What Did You Just Say?

Currently we have 4 or 5 avowed Republicans running around the country wanting us to choose them as our next President. Con- currently we also have a feminist who for a long time has had her sights set on that office. In spite of numerous blunders and apparent misdoings, she has risen to the top of the Democratic list of probable candidates. And in spite of my generation's shock, it looks like she may replace Obama in the growing socialistic status of America.

  How can this happen? It is because of the constituents' faith in the words of these politicians. We blindly listen as they promise to fulfill our individual dreams for the coming 4 years. Early in their career, they hired so called 'speech writers' to craft their public speeches and press releases. They have an uncanny ability to read their immediate audience and immediately appeal to the expectations of that audience. Even though one speech follows another in varying audiences, they can continually climb to an adoring crowd each time.

  The voters are, as usual, willing to ignore reality. They forget that any one man or woman cannot rule America. One man or woman cannot determine the destinies of each and every American. Most of the time the President is merely distracting the public, while the Senate and Congress go about passing more and more laws that give them more power while taking away the power of the voters. I have a mental picture of a new President's first day in office. He steps into the Oval office at 8:30 or 9:00 am. Sits down in that special office chair and immediately begins to have orderlys and clerks step up to that desk and present him with their agendas. Because they have been at their job through several administrations, while he or she is just now starting a brand new carrier trying to figure out how he can appear to fulfill all those promises, already planning how to keep his job in the next election. By the way, the agendas of those clerks and orderlys are built upon the demands of the ruling bureaucracy who actually determines what is done or not done in Washington D.C. or Jefferson City.



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