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  I have spent most of my adult life dealing with the debate about Bible authority. I have long ago determined that the King James Bible is the only reliable and true book, produced by God, for man.

  Being involved and committed to missions, I have also delved into the errors of false religions who have also printed and dispersed writings and publications, purpetrated as being from god. Prime examples are the Koran and the Mormon book. My following conclusions could also be applied to Hitler's and Marx's writings, with the same argument.

  The Holy Bible in which 40 or so men were moved by the Holy Spirit to write over a period of 1600 years was completed and assembled into one book about 300 AD. Through the following 1300 years or so, it was translated surfficiently to reach the developing world, but never added to or subtracted from by the protection of self protecting verses. Beginning with the descendents of Abraham, Gods word was the driving force and encapsulated instructions for any who would believe and follow God's plan.

  Remarkedly, there has never had to be any revisions or upgrading of the Holy Writ, to respond to changing times nor the courses of humanity. In other words there has been no need to improve upon the original writings and tenets of God's book. It is just as applicable in the 21st century as it has ever been. Nothing in it has been proven untrue, or unworkable or useless with the changing of times, except by those who have inherantly rejected it.

  Those of us who have believed it and put our trust in it, have never been dissillusioned, deserted or disappointed in its premise and promise. We are able to successfully lead productive and prosperous lives through its all covering instructions. We can follow it from early youth through old age, until we depart from this life, with complete confidence; and navigate life much more happily that those who reject it.

  No other religious document or publication can match this claim. Every one of them had to be updated to fit their changing enclosures. Sometimes the original human author had to be abandoned because of his or her ridiculous imaginations.

  The Bible, God's holy Word holds its place and will never fail.

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