Stargate or Jesus?

Recently, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time following a TV series that was popular a few years ago, "Stargate." It is a followup of "Startrek."
I do admit, that I am a fan of science fiction, Goes all the way back to comic books as a kid. I am not alone!
Even before I was saved and was introduced to the Bible, I never was a believer in science fiction. I knew it was fiction with a sprinkling of science. Mostly, biased science.

  Hollywood has chosen science fiction as one of its several outlets for its damnable doctrines and no doubt has succeeded in attracting people into its lair. The pervading lie that there are other inhabited planets, is the lure that is expanded upon. Startrek, Starwars & Stargate are used to also suggest that there are scientific roadways to heaven. We as Christians, can yell and scream about the error of this and we should be vocal in our condemnation of this heresy. However, we as Christians, should not be blinded to the fact that there are multitudes who have succumed to this false doctrine. True, we must diligently proclaim the truth. We must preach Jesus, His message and His Cross. But, we must also be ready to counter the arguments of the science fiction doctrines.

  Just a google of the word "stargate", will reveal the vast following of a lie of Satan himself. He has convinced many that there is a path to heaven through scientific discovery of life on other planets. Casual conversations will prove this, especially among the younger generations. Strangely silent is Christian opposition to these damnable doctrines and this is due, primarily, to the ignorance of Christians who refuse to deal with the issues of science fiction converts.

  The preponderance of true scientists who know the impossibilities of alien life forms should spur Christians to be more informed as how to deal with the falsehoods. Just about any science avenue that one would follow, ultimately is deadended, by the truths of God's Holy Word.

  Shall we begin with our own little solar system. Almost 10 known planets orbiting a powerful sun, yet each of them are unique. Absolutely destroys the big bang theory. In spite of a powerful telescope and wandering spacecraft, we have yet to see any evidence of any life beyond our little planet in a vast universe. If it were so, God's Word would have revealed it. On the contrary, it has given a flawless description of God's truth and plan for the inhabitants of this unique planet to which there is no alternative.


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