Hell Fire & Damnation Preachers?

 It needs to be said and it needs to be heard. Preaching is not the same today as it was yesterday. I realize that this conclusion is dependent upon the author, but this view is based on my observations.  From my young days, through my introduction to Jesus and for most of my early years of awareness of preaching I say there is a difference in preaching services.

  There are two angles to my premise. One is the preachers themselves. When they stood in the pulpit, they had the conviction that God had chosen to speak through them and that they were to be His spokesmen! They were not influenced by psychology or public opinion. They had no politically correct pressures. They did not work out their messages, to coincide with popular opinions or peer allegiances. They brought God's message to a needy race. They did not tiptoe through the tithers nor coddle the deacon board. They preached sin, righteousness and judgement and let the chips fly. They stood strong in their faith and were marvelous examples of their messages.

  The second angle is related to the first. An illustration of this premise, was the number of respondents at the altar, begging God for mercy and vowing to give up sins. Most altars were washed with frequent tears and sobs could be heard throughout the House of God at invitation time. Many of the world's sinful items of that day was left at the altar; example: the janitor was used to adding cigarette packages etc., to his trash collection from under the altars where distraught men (and women) had abandoned a worldly practices. Lives were turned around, homes were re-united, and relationships repaired as respondents got right with God.

  In our culture today, we seldom hear the same sermon subjects of yesterday. Christians are tolerated with their worldly practices and most sermons are intertwined with politically correct features.

  Sixty years in the ministry has allowed me to witness the drastic changes in preaching and preachers.


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