Hate Speech?

  Having lived a good number of years, I have witnessed a continued battle concerning our Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees. The many factions in this battle is the reason it continues, from its founding to today. The cause of the battle is a division between those who demand individual freedom and those who want control. There are stated and identified advantages to either persuasion, producing many who are willing to be controlled.

  I grew up in a part of our country that afforded anyone to say or publish anything they wanted, about any subject. The great freedom we had also allowed anyone to rebut what was said or published. Most fistfights were the results of one on one personal debates about any one of innumerable subjects. It is true that personal affront was often the chosen subject and heated argument ensued. Violence was not uncommon, from fistfights to drawn weapons. Insightful study will reveal that freedom of speech or the hindrance of, has led to world wars.

  A major aspect of freedom of speech was the freedom to castigate and demean people who were deemed out of place. Minorities became excluded from exclusive communities. Laws were passed to suppress and control the minority, in spite of the guaranteed freedoms of the Constitution. The conceived majority made rules to suppress the minority. Slavery became a result of control.

  Our form of government and the Gospel of Jesus Christ awakened us to the errors. A war was fought and civil rights were emeshed into the Constitution as perceived glitches to our equal rights. Since the 1860's we have struggled to balance our culture to allow each individual his God given right of freedom to exist equally with his neighbor in America.

  Even the minority races did not expect what was to follow their struggle for freedom for the individual. No one could forsee that other individuals would organize themselves into groups that would demand equal rights to be accepted equally into society. Even those who go against the morals and ideals of a God fearing nation. They reject God and anything that is connected to Him. They demand to be accepted not only as equals, but afforded exceptions to allow them to exist and be unhindered in their quests. Now, not only sexual deviates, but also other religions are demanding civil rights (which they already have!) but are demanding that Constitutional rights be made and enforced, forcing everyone to lay down their rights of free speech. No longer can an individual say or publish what he wants, but can be arrested, fined and jailed for speaking his convictions. The majority has been manipulated to turn against the individual to free the individual......explain that!!!!!


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