Why Have we lost our first loves?
Hell is still hot. Satan is still claiming the souls of human beings. The Spirit of Anti-christ is about to be replaced with the real thing. God's final judgments are beginning to form. Christians are playing Church!

  The decline of Christian ferver, is almost imperceptable. It is so fluid and almost wispy, that those of us who have lived a long time, cannot put our finger on its reality. We are not able to acurately describe it and we are labled demented when we try to warn the younger generation.

  Most Christians are not soul winners and most Churches are not soul winning institutions. We have lost our burden and focus of winning the lost. We are more concerned about collecting ourselves together like the early Church of Acts 1&2. Pledging our mutual support and playing Church. The Gospel starving souls don't feel welcome into our 'services' or they don't sense any difference from what they observe. Our Church activities are keyed to what we want them to be for our enjoyment and convenience and have no interest in attracting the lost. Can you imagine what a lost person, who suddenly has a hunger to check out God's people drives up to a Church on Sunday night or Wednesday night, to find the doors closed and locked, because the Christians changed their normal routines for their convenience?

  When a lost person finally gets the nerve to walk into a Church and knows the regular order/time of services, he enters into an uncertain world. Instantly one or two people rush up with broad smiles and words of welcome followed by inquisitive intrusion. After a few moments, one of them place a form to be filled out and walks away. The visitor then senses the greater number of eyes of the 'members' who are oogling the visitor and obviously questioning, "who is this stranger in our midst?"

  The membership should be taught to welcome a guest and offer to guide the guest into blending. A first time guest should never have to sit alone during their first visit, unless they verbally choose too. A welcoming member should be able to sense the feelings of a first time visitor and even answer unasked questions. How? This is where the Holy Spirit enters the equation. He enables the concerned soul winner to communicate with the guest. The Holy Spirit can then continue to lead the Sunday School teacher to say pertinent things, the song leader to lead pertinent hymns and the preacher to bring a pertinent sermon, " And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth."

  Why are churches of today resorting to all kinds of junk to recruit more bodies into their protoplasm? Why are churches departing from the established faith, turning to vain jangling?

  Its because they are playing church while at the same time trying to satisfy an unregenerated congregation.

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