Back to School
  As a kid, I always dreaded back to school. My mom used many methods and motivations to prepare me for that event, backed up with a peach tree limb! Now that I have the perspective and time intervention I remember that each year of the back to school event evidenced my maturing frame. From kicking and screaming, to eager anticipation over the years. I now know that the maturing was necessary for me to become able to find my niche in life and to succeed at it. I do confess that there were times during a few of the years that I did not fully apply myself, and I still suffer the consequences to this day. I regret taking easy credits in high school and skipping some that would have benefitted me throughout life. I am thankful for counsel and parental guidance that did not allow me to sluff off more than I did.

  I was brought to this subject for this blog, by September. Also, because I now have more time to meditate and reflect. As common among old men, I have come to that time of life of remembering, rejoicing and regretting. If I don't do those, then I am of no value to the present world and especially to any of the younger generations who may want to benefit from my advice and experience. For me, personally, I always enjoyed sitting and listening to people of my previous generations. I remember several moments when I heard an elderly word of advice that proved well worth heeding.

  I now know that even though I reluctantly squeezed school in those early years, my teachers were able to force feed me in spite of me. I now know that I did much better in school as I realized it was for my own good. I now know that most of those teachers actually cared for me personally and wanted the best for me. I now know that the discipline endured through those few years, was strong enough to endure these three score, plus, years.

  I am grateful that I was born and raised in a country that knew the need of a good education, and that my mom & dad believed that. A good education is a priority for success in any chosen career or occupation. A good education is a source of dignity and well being. A good education enables one to compete for the rare positions that are respected by peers. A good education assures less down time Googling

  I often joke, "that I liked my seventh grade teacher so well that I took her classes twice!" Truth is "Katydid"( Kathy Dodd) did her best to keep me from failing with several personal unheeded warnings. I watched as many of my grade school buddies marched around me and up ahead of me. Ultimately, it was a good thing, because it woke me up and gave me values and a marvelous lesson

  In a weird moment, I think there never should be a cessation of 'Bacck to School.' All our lives should repeat that cycle year after year. I think the world would be a better place. Of course, many of us still value self-education. We still value readin,ritin, and rithmetic. We hunger after knowledge. We thirst to drink of the unknown. We are not satisfied with a hum-drum life.

  Many of my peers were afraid of the computer revolution, but I was not intimidated. Because, I knew it was the probable highway for the anti-christ, I determined to know its internals and intentions. I consider myself educated enough to be a viable voice, warning the world of a computer controlled world, intelligently.


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