Are UFOs really UFOs?

  Well, I may be losing my last vestages of credibility with this blog, but am driven to put it out there.

  Since the forties, the world has been exposed to unidentified visitors out of the skies. Most Americans have been encouraged to put the subject aside as hogwash or science fiction.The reports have been sporadic, and for the most part incredulous. In spite of increasing numbers of photos and videos, the media have successfully and purposely ignored the reports and labled witness accounts as frivolous.

  The internet and social media has allowed a growing number of people groups to organize themselves to demand that they be recognized and heard as living witness to proofs of out of this world experiences. I am not one of them! However, I have delved into that culture enough to know that I, as a Bible believing Christian, need to be prepared to answer their growing satanic influences of that world. In case you are inclined to disagree, I invite you to fully investigate the subjects of "government disclosure." Several governments have been forced to openly admit and disclose their secrets about their knowlege of these things. Washington is the current target for disclosure.

  Now, a little about the organized push for governmental disclosure. The groups include everything from people who have been involved in government secrecy to people who actually believe they are aliens from a different planet. Most of the people groups have cultic, spiritual overtones and are accusatory of the present human race. Many of the groups claim to believe that the God of the Bible is real and rules all inhabited planets. Of these many include a jesus in their beliefs, but do not believe he is God or that salvation is only through him. Most of them teach that we can only communicate with aliens mentally or dimensionally. This totally destroys their credibility. In spite of the spookiness, Presidents and other elected officials are being herded into a showdown, especially to open project 'Bluebook' and other secret documents fully. France is the most recent country to give in to these demands.

  You as a Christian, about now, may be asking, "What has all this got to do with me?' Maybe nothing if the rapture happens tomorrow. But, if Mr. Obama and the congress suddenly announces that flying saucers are real and have come from some other galaxy, we Christians will face one of the largest obstacles that we have ever faced. Someone flies these strange vehicles, and obviously they are not our next door neighbor across the street or across the ocean.

  A Bible believer cannot accept that there are other lifeforms on other planets. The Bible does not mention them, nor allow them credibility. The Bible is our final authority on how we got here and why we got here. Anything else is conjecture or desception. So what is our answer about the pilots of those vehicles?

  Only two possibilities:
Number one is that they are secret developments of human origin. Many of Hitler's rocket scientists went literally underground in the 40's. NASA is still wasting gallons of rocket fuel, if a UFO can go faster than light with no visible propulsion. Russia has a hard time keeping ordinary aircraft airborne. China would have taken over the world long ago.

Number two is that they are manifistations of fallen heavenly beings, contrived to decieve a lost world. (I have yet to hear of a Christian who has encountered a third, fourth or fifth kind.) The devil has interesting abilities. Have you ever wondered how he took Jesus to a mountain overlooking the world, or to the top of the temple? In Ephesians 6, what are principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness?

  Prophetical passages from the Bible gives us warnings of the future. Rising powers of Satan and strong desception that even the elect will be effected.

  It would be nice that when Obama, or whoever, announces that flying saucers are real, that at the same time he would have to be trying to explain what happened to millions of people!


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