Trump stood against the Globalists

  I delayed this article for this month until after the Presidential election. For the last year and a half, America has undergone one of the nastiest political campaigns of history. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went at it tooth and nail. At this point, Trump has won the electoral college 290 to 232, and Hillary won the popular vote 60,278,606 to 59,907,356. Once again for about the sixth time, the election was a neck and neck win. Been a long time since there was a landslide. Reagan against Carter was the last one.

  Barrack Obama, after 8 years, has finally been replaced at this moment. In reality the main necessity in our government is to hopefully replace the threat of globalism. There is no secret group that is seeking a New World Order, it is wide open and demanding to take over our world. Mr. Obama had told us that he would fundamentally change America and he succeeded in a multitude of ways. Hillary told us that she wanted to open our borders, and allow immigrants ease to citizenship. She offered free college and other free stuff, promising to raise taxes on the rich. (Where have we heard that before?) Her and her husband have danced just above exposure to lawlessness since the 80's in Arkansas.

  Mr. Trump has stepped up to an enormous task of bringing this nation back to being a Republic. His first battle will be to consolidate the Republican Senate and Congress to back his promises to 'Make America Great Again.' He promised to repeal Obamacare, the fiasco of the previous administration. He promised to stop the flow of illegal immigration. He promised to stop the extremist Islam's invasion. He promised to alleviate government's bias against Christianity. He promised to lower taxes. He promised to stop the exit of factories and production to other countries. He promised to strengthen our military forces. He seems like a dream come true for the White House. He faces a socialistic world.

  Those of us who followed him closely, have noticed that he is at least slightly interested in the Christian message. We are praying tha he will see his need of Christ and step over that marvelous line. His vice president, Mike Pense, has stated his testimony of salvation very publically and seems to walk accordingly.

  At any rate, Christians have been given orders at least twice in the Scriptures to obey and pray for those who lead us. Hopefully our desires will to be willing to support Mr. Trump and defend him against the falsifying and globalistic attacks against our President.


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