Arranging Armegeddon

  Today is January 15, 2017. It seems to be like any other normal Sunday, but it is definitely not like a normal Sunday. Half way around the world, important representatives of 70 nations are meeting in Paris, France for the primary purpose of forcing Israel to give up Jerusalem and a large portion of their legally occupied land in Israel (2 Samuel 24). This meeting will become the authority for the United Nations to make such division, international law. All Jews and Bible believers already know that this is a bad move. The Bible reveals that God personally bequethed that land to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their chosen descendents. He made several promises concerning that land and its people. He also attached two other promises; who ever blesses Israel will be blessed and who ever curses Israel will be cursed. The Bible even describes (500+ years before Christ) what is happening on January 15, 2017. Ezekiel lays the scenario out clearly from chapters 35 through 39. Other prophets such as Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Zechariah verified the account. Psalms adds in chapters 82 & 83. Revelation 19 completes the story.

  Mr. Obama and Mr. John Kerry have both instigated the Paris meeting and will obviously be held accountable for their treachery against Israel and God himself.


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