Will I make it to my birthday?

  If you noticed the date of this blog, it is obvious that blogging has taken a back seat in the list of my regular activities. I am not sure I can place a finger of blame, but I do have a suspicion or two. It is not because I am too busy. It is not because my computer has crashed. It is not because I have found a new interest. I think the main reason is that I am overwhelmed by the unbelievable happenings in my world. So much stuff is going on, that I cannot focus upon any particular subject to write about. Donald Trump is in the fight of his life....literally. Russia and the U.S. are doing the war dance, with China curiously spectating. The globalists are furious that Hillary couldn't do what she was expected to do, so they are taking matters into their own hands.

  Churches are drying up or adapting to the modern cultures. Christianity is becoming the pariah of our modern world. Amazingly the world allows Islam to gain its admiration in spite of ISIS and other similar atrocities, and to literally lean over backward for its demands for Sharia law. Even the femanists are strangely silent as more and more women are forced to adorn themselves in funeral attire, while covering their faces with shame.

  Hoards of frustrated or focused people are physically protesting whatever and leaving behind ravaged neighborhoods with wounded bodies. They try to blame President Trump, but he wonderfully stays one step ahead of them.... so far. The fake news tells us that George Soros is funding all the havoc in his attempt to globalize everything. If I didn't know better, I would be tempted to identify him as Mr. 666! Mr. Bloomburg, a rich character in New York City, is currently offering city Mayors $17 million dollars if they will ignore Washington and adopt globalist plans independently. I sure wish there would be some way to describe what a traitor is and what should be done with him or her. Of course that won't happen, because we would be forced to remember the liberal story of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Bleeding hearts would be crying again.

  Well, anyhow, I have succeeded in filling up a few minutes of your time, and taken a breath myself. I don't suppose there is much I can do about the stuff listed above. I have spent my entire life caught up in the flood of these events, and never had much strength to stem the tide. Tomorrow I will be 79 years old and looking forward to all the hooplah involved. I leave you with my intense belief that Jesus is still in charge and he could call us into His presence at any moment... yes even before my birthday party!


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