Global Weather is Confused

I have never written one of these blogs out of obligation or under any time pressures. I have always had a thought first that demanded that I publish it. However, at this moment, I am consious that 2017 is rapidly slipping away and my list of 2017 blogs are woefully lagging. Even the weather is confused about its role. August seemed more like October, and now we have hot and humid weather in September. Al Gore is probably dancing with glee in one of his mansions. The brainless dictator of North Korea is brainlessly wanting the world brought back to the 50's. Mr. Trump has a long list of antagonists who are trying to trump him. The Republican establishment is being held accountable for its promises to repeal & replace Obamacare, and natural disastors are popping up around the globe. The average number of earthquakes around the globe daily has risen from around 20 to the mid 40's. There is unrest politically and phlosophically. The globallists are determined not to allow President Trump to make America great again.

  People are reported being saved around the World, but there is no news of outstanding revival anywhere. More Churches die than are being born. Churches in America are more calloused about a world that needs Jesus, next door and across the oceans. Preachers are more concerned about rooting out the sins of their congregation, than exposing the sins of their community.Socio-economic classes have become part of the curriculum of Churches, while soul-winning classes are seldem held. Police officers are regularly being ambushed and shot which seems to be a national pasttime. Lawlessness is being encouraged by media and liberal politicians. The contender for current Presidential office, has just been exposed for supporting socilist street rioters.

  The one thing a Bible believing Christian has that people of the world do not have. That is the peace of God. John 14:27. No matter how horrible things become, how confused and inconvenient the world is, we can see and know that God is in control and is ready for anything. The Bible has enough instruction to lead us through the morass and in his footsteps.


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