What is Happening to The Chess Players?

  Are chess players being abducted by space ships? The answer to this question, may lie in the question itself. Over the past few years, America and the World is suffering a steady decline of chess players. Only occasionally will they be mentioned in the public venue. Some kind of chess match in a hitherto mystery city of some foreign country. However, recently, President Trump has been reported in conspiracy circles, as playing some sort of 5D chess. Other wise, we seldom hear or see anything about chess players. I wonder what is happrning to them. Maybe, they are being abducted by alien space ships, and their bodies are being dropped, along with the mutilated bodies of cattle, in the vast regions of government confiscated lands in Montana or Wyoming. There is not a lot of monies available to search for them, as it is taking a lot of those funds to buy the extra concrete used to shore up the planned bust of former President Obama in the Dakota hills. Not the Black Hills, however. It has been decided to erect his in the White Hills as the tourist industry needs help there. The bust will be modelled from the official portrait of the former President, and the White Hills has more greenery to surround the monument. There is another possible drawback to this project. President Trump may initiate talks between North & South Dakota to settle border disputes. Who knows the outcome of such a summit.

  Anyway, something needs to be done for the needy chess players. Perhaps some pityful sounding actors could go on media outlets pleading their losing cause. Pictures and video of a chess player with darkened, tearful eyes could be shown and the pitiful voice could be heard pleading for a monthly donations. I have a Paypal account that could show how easy it is done. dsmetts@dsmetts.us. Just a dollar from millions of donors would set records.I would share with any abducted chess player who validates his experience.

  Not sure how we could replace the missing chess players. Most of the potential is attracted to Candy Crush, Cosmic Mario, Sophia Music and other digital past times. Perhaps, the mystery of missing chess players, may find itself lost in the overloaded cases that are being charged against our duly elected President.

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