Dodging the Mouse Traps.

  I think I am beginning to understand the mouse's plight. One which has barely escaped that dreaded 'snap' at least one time before. That wad of cheese smells so good. There is enough of it for a meal. There it is right in my path. There is no major hurdles to get to it. Why am I so hesitant?  The god of this World is going all out to draw everyone he can away from the true and living God. We are made aware of this warfare in several scripture locations. We are notified in Ephesians that this warefare is not carnal, but spiritual, however, being human we are limited in our individual experience of this warfare.  No matter which way we turn, no matter what activity we follow. No matter what our environment is, we face the snares of the devil. He sometimes seems to be able to sift us as wheat in a sifter. His nagging prrimary question haunts the ears of our heart, 'Yea! Hath God said?' No one is outside of his territory, because his territory is this World and he has been named the god of this World. I have no other choice, but to insert a marvelous truth right here. Jesus said in Revelation 3 that He stands at the door and knocks. Whoever opens that door and lets Him in is blessed with the promise that He will come in to dwell. We as believers in Christ have the only solution to the wiles of the devil. Greater is He that is in you that he that is in the World! 1 John 4:4  The enertia for this article is Twitter, Facebook and Google. Computer users who have accessed the internet are being awakened to the wad of cheese. The ease, convenience of these Social Media tools have drawn us into a trapping zone. Combinations of a need for stump speeches and personal communication have made us vulnerable to algorithmetic, electronic information gathering organizations while robbing us of our privacy and security. They have become so powerful that now they are demanding that we adhere to their way of thinking or be punished by algorithmetic ban.  We are forced to go along with their decisions, accepting that some of our friends are being banned or totally shut off from the social media privilege, We compromise and maintain our spot on the internet to keep our connections. What we do not realize is that the rules and restrictions along with the punishments will become more severe as those powers grow and competition decreases.


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