Generational Warfare

  This article will probably antagonize some, but I feel that it is very timely.

  Though the term generation is vague, it is generally described as a life span. I want to fit it into 20 year stretches, which is the average difference between a child and his parents. This determination will enable me to present my scenario.

  Each generation is given a name, based on its environment or major events that took place within its time, for instance, I was born just prior to the baby boomer generation; children born immediately following WW2. We are now being introduced to the Millenials; children of this present age.

  Now to the gist of this article which will quickly become apparent.
 The 80 generation is loudest in saying to the 100's, "Stop suffering, stop using up resources, you have left your mark, you are no longer useful, go ahead and die!'

  The 60 generation is saying to the 80's, "Get off the road, get out of the way, check into a rest home. You no longer have strength to carry your load, you are just taking up space."

  The 40 generation is saying to the 60's, "Just retire and let someone younger step up. Your old fashioned ideas no longer are relevant. We are grateful for your contributions so here is your gold watch. Take an extended vacation or cruise, enjoy your sunset years. Hope you stay healthy enough to keep on your feet."

  The 20 generation is saying to the 40's "I'll do it your way until you're not looking over my shoulder, I cannot believe he can keep pace, I don't think I can stand this job much longer if he doesn't step aside."

  The 10 generation is saying to the 30's, "Sure, I can help you set up your iphone!"

  I realize this scenario is not realistic or commonly true, but will be the outcome of our current trends. Everything is being convoluted and made inconvenient. Races are constantly being agitated, male and female who were about to define their perameters, are being shoved into a non-gender status. Borders are being erased and challenged, cultures and histories are being obliterated. All this is happening to force globalism.

  It is just a matter of time before the generational war will be declared in earnest.


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