Oh, They Tell Me of a Land of an un-Chem Trailed Day

  It used to be a beautiful sight to see an airliner moving across a clear blue sky leaving a high altitude white trail. But that was history, and as flight became a more popular form of travel, it was necessary to put more airliners into the blue sky. Eventually one could look up on a crisp day and see many white trails crisscrossing the blue sky. So much so, we hardly noticed.
  Time went on and science went on. From the days when a crop duster threw out silver halide to make rain, we entered into a world that thought air space would be invaded with all kinds of man made magic.
  Now we live in a world that has things happening all around us that effect us without our knowlege. Government has developed programs. Private organizations and corporations have founded and put into practice certain plans that effect what we eat, drink and breathe and the trusting public has no idea of what they are ingesting. Occasionally there will rise a hubbub about some ingredient or chemical that is found injurious in a food item. Suits will be filed and swept under the rug and humanity will walk on.
  Lately, elements of our society are trying to convince us that something sinister is going on in our air space. Hundreds of specially equipped planes are spraying a variety, from pure poison to micro-nano bots that electronically track every individual, and we are being manupulated like sheep. They say the purpose of these nefarious programs is to herd us into a a one world society or worse, cull out the population to a more manageable number, killing billions.
  I certainly believe the Devil is real and is working double time to take over this sin cursed planet; according to the Bible, God's Word. And I believe he can possess a person to do heinous things. Many horrendous things have been done and are being done right now, by people under the power of Satan.
  But think with me. If a pilot is flying a plane that is spraying stuff into the atmosphere, his plane has to eventually come down to the ground and he gets out if his plane and takes a deep breath of what he just sprayed. This doesn't work logically. No, I'm not trying to cover up anything. I just want us to wake up and think things out. We must not put our trust in an untrustworthy world, but know what is true and speak what is true.

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