A moment of distraction

  I have just gone through a battle concerning this page. Not sure when I first signed up with Arvixe for a real web page of my own, including a web domain. I learned the basic computer language in order to build and maintain a web page. Started with the drive to show anyone interested who I am and what I believe. Of course I quickly added the plan of salvation, some Bible info, and even my personal studies in the book of Revelation.

  Put a lot of stuff about Sagmount camp when I was involved with it. Tied it in with the 'Faith Baptist Church of Macon, MO' web page. Then when I retired and moved to Springfield, gradually had no reason to keep the page active......but then RIB popped upon the scene.

  Wilda felt burdened for us as and other like retirees here in Springfield. So scrambled up a good number of friends and fellow servants of the Lord. We meet pretty well every month for food and fellowship....a high of 54 so far.

  Needless to say, this commentary page had virtually been forgotten for about 2 years, until this battle arose. Well, with this article, I hope to revive my blogging.....stay tuned, or maybe I should say mark me a favorite...



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