Military Industrial Complex

  An enormous facet in the growing one world, is the ever increasing expansion of World wide businesses. Think McDonalds! There probably is not any large city of this world that does not have a McDonalds fast food store. Several fast food corporations are similarly found, and since we are just thinking, we think of small buildings on the side of a street with a drive-thru.

  Well, lets open our eyes and widen them to picture giant corporations whose properties take up a whole block with sky scraping high rises in large cities like New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and Tokyo.

  Yes, many huge corporations that may have started mom & pop here in the states have expanded all over the states and across the oceans into other countries. Some have become so ensconced in those countries, that they are being headed by CEO's who are born and raised in that country.

  What does all this have to do with a preacher's blog? A lot! You and I know that the Bible tells us that this world is headed to a time when one man virtually runs it with an iron fist. Even though that man may appear overnight, he will take over a world that is already prepared and ready for him to take over.

  All those corporations we visualized above, are not totally loyal to America alone. Their allegiance is divided in response to responsibilities to their other host countries. Therefore they are subject to laws and regulations of their host country. They will do everything in their powers to harmonize the laws and regulations of host countries. They will favor countries who favor them. They will actively try to influence other countries to adopt laws and regulations that they favor. Their wealth will help them influence whatever they want to influence.

  See how easy the Anti-christ will take over this world! Especially if his only hindrance has been taken away.


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