A World Changing Election in the USA

  In about a week and 2 days, Americans will go to their polls and personally cast their vote for who they want to be their President for the next 4 years. However, there is a lot more at stake here. In the past 4 years, both political parties have been forced to describe and define themselves. The Republicans have been forced to step up and acknowledge their duly elected leader and to agree with what he is doing for America. (Some of them are dragging their feet!)

  The Democrats, on the other hand found they could no longer hide hiden agendas. Their radical element rose to the top and rapidly took the helm. They even chose a weak kneed nobody to be their candidate, with the obvious plan of throwing his lifeless body into the White House Rose Garden and taking over the country.

  Socialism, powered by globalism, is affecting every aspect of our lives and seemingly driven by a huge force is intent to conquer the inhabited planet with its one world dogma.

  As a Bible believing Christian, I am convinced that the Bible described anti-christ is soon to appear, because his world is already prepared for his advent. He is hindered by one thing only.... The Holy Spirit indwelt believers. They are scheduled to be removed from this World before the anti-christ can take charge.

  It is so neat to watch how God is true in his Bible description of the 7 year tribulation when you see its preparations now. Every Bible believer is convinced of the soon coming rapture of them and the dead in Christ. I like to admonish Christians to step outside occasionally and pick their cloud to split.


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