Weapons of Mass Destruction?

 Once again, we are doing our quadanual thing. We are waiting on the vote counters to tell us who the President is. I'm smart enough to suspect that this is some kind of game that somebody invented to give us the impression that our vote really counts.

  How is it that every Presidential election ends with a vote difference of less than 50K of votes. Millions of voters, with two candidates in opposition with a diverse platform, yet the vote is virtually equal.

  For a long time now, this game seems to be being refined to fool the American public into thinking we are a free society able to vote for our leaders.

  But in 2020, it just may be that the scam is going to be exposed. Patriots were warned in advance to look for voting fraud and they found it. The computerized voting machines had been pre-programmed for a planned outcome. Somebody(s) had access to the machines where they could, almost imperceptably insert filled out ballots altomatically, so that Joe Biden would seem to be the winner of the election.

  This fraud is headed for the Supreme Court and nationwide consternation. Depending on how truly the public is informed of this treacherous work, we may see a nation rallying against such crimes or we may see a nation firther divided by liars and traitors...

  America could crumble into history, failed by internal sabotage and destroyed by its own pride....


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