Election Day fraud clean-up

  I am sitting here in my nap chair needing to take care of at least two things. I need to verify that my blog page still works. I need to comment at a precarious moment in my country's existence.

  Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate for President, supposedly won last November's election, however, evidence is mounting that the election was plagued with cheating, both from the Democrats and foreign countries. Collusion between, at least 5 states, arranged the switching of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

  You should remember that Mr. Trump had staged local campaign rallys around the country with hundreds and thousands of attendees, while Mr. Biden held gatherings, averaging 25 or 30 people. Trump was out there everywhere, while it became known that Biden was hiding in his basement. President Trump was promising to continue making America great again, while Joe was promising a revision of Obama's reign.

  I am not sure what will actually happen tomorrow. I know it will be monumental and hopefully the making of America great again. Slight possibility that the Democrats will succeed in stuffing Joe Biden into the Oval office, opening the doors wide open for a revolution into Socialism. Mr. Biden is a dish rag (my term). He will only be a figurehead for a large group of radical Democrat politicians, led by Kamala Harris, Bidens stand-by.

  I assure you that I am not worried about the outcome of tomorrow, because I am persuaded that God is still in control, and whatever happens, he will make the best of it.


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