Joe Biden is rapidly undoing Trump

  With so much confusion going on in the present world, it is difficult to focus on a particular subject. The Main Street Media is only adding to the confusion. It seems they are incapable of telling the truth.

  Joe Biden, in spite of stealing the Oval Office, seems to be in charge of America. However, he has been blocked from having the 'Football', entering the Pentagon, living in the Whitehouse and flying on the real Air Force One.

  He is publicly videoed signing presidential orders in a mock Oval Office that has a parking lot out its window. He bumbles his way through any public appearances, there are nagging questions about the color of his eyes and the shape of his earlobes.

  The World watches ever glimpse of President Trump. We only see Joe Biden getting on a fake Air Force One, heading for his home jn Maryland every weekend, with occasional mention of his vicious dogs.

  Alt News keeps our hopes up for deliverance by the Military or John F. Kennedy Jr.

  Meanwhile we wear our masks, except when we can get away with not wearing them, and we dodge any and all pressures to take the vaccine. The alt news is coming up with more proofs that the vaccine program is a nefarious way of population control.

  Only time will tell how this mess will turn out. I hope someone, someday will investigate all the mess and report to us how we were scammed...... if we are still here to care.


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