The following list contains my blogs on a variety of subjects, most of which reveal that I pretty well know which way I am headed.
Thank God for His Marvelous Grace!

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|Inaugeration Eve 2921
|Virtual Tie, but nevertheless, tied 20-11-20
|The Momentous Election 20-10-24
|It's The Big Business 20-09-20
|Hey, I'm up here now 20-08-27
|It's Awful Dark Out Here 18-11-22
|Oh, For the Land of No Chem-Trails. 18-11-15
|Generational Warfare. 18-09-26
|Mouse Trapping 18-09-13
|Chess Players Being Abducted bt Space Aliens 18-05-20
|The weather is confused, but God isn't 17-09-21
|Will I make it to my birthday?17-06-26
|Arranging Armegeddon 17-01-15
|Waiting For The Trump 16-11-10
|Are UFOs Really UFOs? 16-10-01
|Back to School 16-09-01
|Why Have We Lost Our First Loves? 16-08-01
|Preachers of the words. 16-07-01
|Is this Hate Speech? 16-06-01
|Hell Fire Preachin' 16-05-20
|Stargate or Jesus, The way to Heaven? 16-05-01
|The Unchained and Unchanged Word 16-04-01
|What Did You Just Say? 16-03-01
|My Self Performed Operation 16-01-03
Facebook gobbled up 2015. So sad!
|My Alma Mater 15-01-15
|Freedom of Religion 14-12-12
|Courtesy of Jonah's Travel Agency 14-07-31
|Who's Making the Rules 14-06-12
|Depending Upon God 14-05-21
|The Lost Christian 14-04-20
|Will the real Moslem stand up? (copied)14-04-20
|Falling away or Running away? 14-03-01
|He Tiptoed Into Our Hearts 14-02-01
|Transplantation 14-01-01
I have resigned and left Faith Baptist so future blogs listed above will have no connection to that bulletin.
|Why I Believe in Prophecy 13-12-01a
|Transition 13-12-01b
|They Live Far, Far Away 13-11-01a
|On Becoming a Retried Pastor 13-11-01b
|Government Shutdown 13-10-01a
|Leaders & Followers 13-10-01b
|Free TV's 13-09-01a
|God's People, The Egyptians 13-09-01b
|Roller Coaster 13-08-01a
|Occupy Til I Come 13-08-01b
|Parable of a Police Chief 13-07-01a
|Peace Like a River 13-07-01b
|Why Christians Don't Witness 13-06-01a
|Foriveness 13-06-01b
|Did You See That? 13-05-01a
|Fainting Christians 13-05-01b
Ride the Wave of the Future 13-04-01a
|Faith to Faith 13-04-01b
|Conceal and Carry 13-03-01a
|Revive Us Again 13-03-01b
|How to get rid of a Bloodstain 1 13-02-01a
|Robbing Hood 2 13-02-01b
|Do You Have Your Sword? 1 13-01-01a
|Do You Have Your Sword? 2 13-01-01b
|Goodbye 2012 12-12-01a
|The First ones to Hear 12-12-01b
|Be Still and Know 12-11-01a
|We Are Voting for Our Future 12-11-01b
|Time of The End 12-10-01a
|Fundamentallists 12-10-01b
|Troublesome Times 12-09-01a
|Believe in Thine Heart 12-09-01b
|Influence of the Olympics 12-08-01a
|More Valuable Than Gold 12-08-01b
|What Are My Responsibilities? 12-07-01a
|Religion and Politics 12-07-01b
|Where Does Revival Come From? 12-06-01a
|More Valuable Than Gold 12-06-01b
|Marching around the May Pole 12-05-01a
|Conversion or Coercion 12-05-01b
|When God Walked among us 12-04-01a
|Where He Leads I will follow 12-04-01b
|Why Can't People Believe the Bible? 12-03-01a
|Un-subscribed From God 12-03-01b
|Love is a Many Splintered Thing 12-02-01a
|We Are Experiencing Difficulties, Please Stand By 12-02-01b
|Let's Be a Little Forward 12-01-01a
|Not Our Job 12-01-01b
|It Came To Pass 11-12-01a
|Hard Way Out 11-12-01b
|Having Done All, Stand 11-11-01a
|Thank You Lord 11-11-01b
|Thou Shalt Have No Other 11-10-01a
|God does hate a few things 11-10-01b
|Packed & Ready 11-09-01a
|God is Love 11-09-01b
|Why Worship 11-08-01a
|Doctrinally Sound 11-08-01b
|Graven Image 11-07-01a
|Approved 11-07-01b
|The Word of God 11-06-01a
|We are in Trouble Now 11-06-01b
|Who's In Charge 11-05-01a
|Elected to What 11-05-01b
|Libya 11-04-01a
|Courage 11-04-01b
|Wrestler 11-03-01a
|Submission 11-03-01b
|Corny Parable 11-02-01a
|Bible Study 11-02-01b
|Another Day Older 11-01-01a
|How Many Talents Did You Get? 11-01-01b
|Who Made the Rule Anyhow? 10-12-01a
|A Perplexing Problem 10-12-01b
|What is Spirituality? 10-11-01a
|Religious Politics. 10-11-01b
|What Are You Waiting For? 10-10-01a
|Explain Faith Promise Again 10-10-01b
|Thats What Religions Do 10-09-01a
|Power of Faith 10-09-01b
|Whats Wrong 10-08-01a
|Not About You 10-08-01b
|Followless Leadership 10-07-01
|Witnesses 10-07-01a
|Politics 10-07-01b
|Fundamental Baptist Test 10-06-01a
|Feel Like a Big Toe 10-06-01b
|The President Came to Town 10-05-01a
|God's own Mystery 10-05-01b
|Enemies of Christ 10-04-01a
|Followers of Christ 10-04-01b
|Will They Ever Learn? 10-03-01a
|Without a Vision the People Perish 10-03-01b
|Clean Up Our Language 10-02-01a
|Entering the Ministry 10-02-01b
|The Love of God 10-01-01a
|Sin In The Camp 10-01-01b
|Merry Christmas 09-12-01a
|Heaven is a Couple of Blocks Away 09-12-01b
|Firstborn 09-11-01a
|A Fairly True Tale 09-11-01b
|No Two Ways About It 09-10-01a
|Ashamed 09-10-01b
|Counted Worthy 09-09-01a
|Handwriting on the Wall 09-09-01b
|How Did We Get Here? 09-08-01a
|Has God stopped talking? 09-08-01b
|Falling Away 09-07-01a
|Have we voted yet? 09-07-01b
|We Gambled and Lost 09-06-01a
|Wolves in Sheep Clothing 09-06-01b
|Church Witchcraft 09-05-01a
|Who Am I? 09-05-01b
|Voices 09-04-01a
|To Show Thyself 09-04-01b
|Two Books Must Rule This Nation 09-03-01a
|God's House 09-03-01b
|Can anyone Do Anything About This? 09-02-01a
|Burden Bearing 09-02-01b
|Here We Go Again 09-01-01a
|Christian Service 09-01-01b
|While we are Able 08-11-01a
|Not a Fairy Tale 08-11-01b
|Our Heavenly Father 08-10-01a
|The World of Islam 08-10-01b
|What is God Up To 08-09-01a
|Off and Running 08-09-01b
|Interpolating Dreams 08-08-01a
|There are some wonderful young people 08-08-01b
|He wants to Change America 08-07-01a
|The Word of God is Precious 08-07-01b
|Stand UP, Stand Up For Jesus 08-06-01a
|Those with a Special Calling 08-06-01b
|Five Bucks a Gallon! 08-05-02a
|We cannot live by bread alone 08-05-02b
|You could have heard a pin drop 08-05-02c
|Head in the Sand 08-04-14b
|Living Proof 08-04-01a
|The Book of Life 08-04-01b
|Is Anybody Else Out There? 08-03-01a
|Our Wonderful Tool 08-03-01b
|Mind Boggling 08-02-01a
|Expounding on the word meet 08-02-01b
|Preparing for the Future 08-01-01a
|The Power of One 08-01-01b
|Change Roles, but not Position 07-12-01a
|Not Just His First Name 07-12-01b
|Get Real! 07-11-01a
|Where do I fit in? 07-11-01b
|Withdrawing from Unruly and Rebels 07-10-01a
|What is Your Motivation? 07-10-01b
|Good Luck Miracles 07-09-01a
|Taking a Church Exam 07-09-01b
|Which Road do we Take? 07-08-01a
|What Can We Do For God? 07-08-01b
|Amish and Good Works 07-07-03a
|How does Jesus Blood Clean sin? 07-07-03b
Hypocrites 07-06-01a
Viscious Cycles 07-06-01b
A Kick in The Teeth 07-05-02a
To be called Christian 07-05-02b
America is Vulnerable 07-04-02
Are We being neighborly? 07-03-05
Wake Up We are at War! 07-02-10
The Love, Hate Relationship. 07-02-01
Telling it Like it is. 07-02-01b
The story of Harvey & Roseleen 07-01-20
What's the Matter of Your Heart? 06-09-01
Right Priority 06-09-01b
Another article about women in pants 06-08-16
Middle East Troubles 06-08-01
Faith to Faith 06-08-01b
A Lazy Church 06-07-01a
What are We Losing? 06-07-01b
Which is the Winning Side? 06-05-01
Age Old Battles 06-05-01b
God's Love 06-04-01
Assembly for Christ 06-04-01b
Our Greatest Need 06-03-01a
War Tactics 06-03-01b
Bye, Bye! Buy By American 06-02-01a
Separated 06-02-01b
Letter to Democrats 06-01-01
On Being Stedfast & Unmoveable 05-12-22
Wrong Bride 05-12-21
Civil Rights? 05-12-01a
Body Parts. 05-12-01b
A Little Bit Won't Hurt. 05-12-01c
Make Yourself at Home. 05-11-01a
Can you believe a liar in Washington? 05-11-01b
Is your Faith Strong enough? 05-10-01
Government Caused 05-10-01b
How to pick out the terrorists 05-09-01a
Results 05-09-01b
Real Salvation 05-09-01c
A lady's View of the Pants Question 05-08-01a
The Prophet's Job 05-08-01b
Bombed Churches 05-07-05
For the Testimony of Christ 05-07-01a
Falling Away from God 05-07-01b
Learning to Love God 05-06-01a
The Importance of dressing up for God 05-06-01b
Why are we allowing our nation's foundations to be destroyed? 05-05-02a
No Pope for Me! 05-05-02b
The Lord is My Shepherd 05-05-02c
Eternal Life 05-04-01a
Who is Captain? 05-04-01b
What is Baptism? 05-03-01a
Is it our job to comfort sinners? 05-03-01b
The Snake's Head is Still Alive! 05-02-01a
Words Can Mean Nothing 05-02-01b
Thanks for Nothing 05-01-01a
9-1-1 had Real Heroes. 04-25-02
What is New for 2005? 04-12-23
Origination of Baptists 04-11-13
Unique Process 04-11-01a
Where is the God of Elijah? 04-11-01b
Christian Nation? 04-07-01b
What is the Difference? 04-07-01a
Gates of Hell 04-03-01b
Mel Gibson's Passion 04-03-01a
Word of God 03-10-26
Losing Faith 03-09-10
The Road Map 03-05-01
Back to The Instruction Book 03-05-25
Weapons of Mass Destruction 03-04-30
Stop Struggling and get on with serving God. 03-04-30
Why Twelve? 03-03-30
Excusing God 03-03-30b
The Sniper Problem 02-10-26
Why Do We Need Missionaries? 02-09-25
Where Are We Headed? 02-08-01
The Difference with Christians 02-06-27
Initially, We are in Trouble. 02-05-28
Wealthy Doctors... Unhealthy Nation 02-05-16
Art Wilson 02-05-05
The Battle of Good & Evil 02-04-26
Will the Real BBF Pastor Stand Up? 02-04-24
Do martyrs die for unimportant reasons? 02-03-25
Who Said, "Like Father, Like Son?" 02-03-24
Seeing God's Word come alive. 02-03-17
Looking at things like the liberals see them 02-03-10
Living within the Laws of Liberty 02-03-09
Is Anyone Out There in space? 02-02-01a
Standing on the Prerequisites 02-02-01b
The Preacher's Job 02-01-01a
The Moslem god is not My God! 02-01-01b
Jane Fonda Won't Go Away & Can't Get Away!
Who Opened the Gate to Liberalism? 01-09-01a
Methodists & the N.E.A. push homosexual causes! 01-08-01a
A Spoof of TV Addicts 01-07-01a
Article on Freeing America 01-07-01b
The Magic of Politicians 01-06-01a
God has preserved His Holy Word 01-06-01b
A letter to a humanist who felt America should not be 'UNDER GOD'.
A commentary on the energy crunch of summer 01-05-01a.
A commentary on whether Prophecy is necessary for reaching the lost. 01-05b
Why you do not see me at liberal meetings? 01-05-01
It does matter which version.
Citizens Carrying Guns.

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