The following reply was sent to a Humanist Web Page in response to a letter saying,"That the nation would be better off if we did not believe it was UNDER GOD as is quoted in the Pledge to the Flag.  My response:
Honestly.... is our nation becoming better:
  since we have lost the authority of the Bible?
  since we have kicked God out of the classrooms?
  since we have made Christianity a curse word?
  since we have allowed the slaughter of unborn children?
  since we have opened the door for non-contest divorce?
  since we have approved of sexual perversions?
  since we have freed women from their bondage?
  since we have lost our military purposes?
  since we have focused on animal life instead of human life?
  since we have protected our environment over our enterprise freedoms?
  since we have imagined aliens from outer space into semi reality?
  since we have taught our children to excuse their animal behaviour?
  since we choose education over abstinence?
  since we focus on cures instead of prevention?
  since we try to rehabilitate rather than retribute criminal behaviour?
  since we have no moral standards for our entertainment industry?
  since we have inaugurated unbounded freedom of expression?
  since we embrace eternal existence without an eternal God?
  since we admit origination but deny an originator?
  since we declare freedom of speech but discriminate against religious expression?
  since we tolerate anything but intolerance?
Stan Metts

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