The Right to Carry

  I will again address an obvious question, "Why does a preacher deal with a subject such as this?" The answer is that I believe the Bible is the Word of God and I believe the Constitution of the United States was ordained of God.  There is no contradiction in my mind.
  The Constitution provided for the ability of the individual citizen to have freedom rights and also the ability to protect and defend those rights as well as the Constitution itself.  Every elected official must vow to uphold and defend the Constitution.  There is no other explanation than to believe that God led our nation's founders in the base documents of the founding and establishing of our nation.
  It amazes me as to how almost every issue that we as human beings face is divided by a very small margin, nevertheless, a margin of division.  So you will have to see that I have chosen to stand on the divided issue of carrying weapons.
  Missouri is one of several states that is narrowly divided on the issue of "The Right To Carry." meaning that about half of our population want the right to carry a weapon.  The other half do not believe any citizen needs to carry a gun.
  My question is, "Why is it a question?"  We have been told in our Constitution that we already have that right.  The Supreme Court has long ago gone off track on its purpose. It was never meant to interpret the Constitution, nor to design its own, but it has done so in several issues.  From civil rights to states' voting practices, the Supreme Court has taken the position of ruling kings. They have manouvered themselves into becoming the authority instead of enforcing the Constitution.
  When we as citizens yield to the lawyers' legaleze on the right to carry and even if we vote for that right, we will be giving strength to those who interpret the Constitution the way they see it.  I say let the Constitution mean what it says. I say let the Bible mean what it says.


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