Cancer of the Baptist Church
  I am entering into this article well aware that I will only stir up more controversy with some than this space will avail. I can assure you that I know a good deal about this doctrine. As a young Bible College student I was once caught up in a group who were being blinded by this egotistical interpretation of scripture. Of course I am talking about Calvinism.

  This doctrine is built and bolstered by certain phrases and and a small vocabulary of words. It is based on the truth that all men are sinners, lost, and without life. It incorporates the Holiness of God and capitalizes on the impassable gulf between the two. This is where it diverges from the obvious and overwhelming intent of the redemption of sinful man to a righteous God. It tries to claim that God solely chooses who he will save and that everyone else will be doomed...everyone!

  Amazingly it blots out all calls for repentence. It ignores all invitations including, "Whosoever will." It restricts the work of Jesus's shed blood on Calvary's Cross. The whole Bible reveals the plan of ultimate redemption that God offers all men. One has to be spiritually blind not to see the truth of this plan, and since all men are spiritualy blind, God uses his Word as a sharp two edged sword by the Holy Spirit to bring men to repentence and faith.

  Calvinism goes out of its way to interpret those phrases and words in such a way to remove any ability of man to have any part in their salvation. Actually the only part that man has is belief. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved." Calvinism tries to take that part away due to the depravity of man. It would have us believe that we cannot even believe on Jesus. It is unbelievable that they put so much emphasis on Ephesians chapter one, yet cannot see what verse twelve concludes. When we first trust in Christ, we become part of the true elect of God. The true elect of God is Jesus Christ himself. Any one who trusts in Jesus Christ receives forgiveness, pardon, redemption,faith, eternal life and heaven. They also recieve adoption into the family of God. All this is instantly eternal and will never be taken away. The wonderful thing about this is that it has been planned before the foundation of the world. Therefore all who trust in Christ are justified, glorified and predestinated in Christ.

  Those who follow Calvin must blind themselves to the thrust of the entire Bible and make it say things that it does not say. They limit God's unmerited Grace and the atonement of Jesus Christ.

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