The Home Life of a Fundamental Baptist

  Obviously, I have bitten off more than you can chew with this subject. I fully realize that there is no way in the world to cover all bases and give a thorough description for every home.
  But, what I can do is set down some guidelines. I can claim some authority. My wife and I have raised 4 children, all of which have turned out to be adults that we are proud of. Now those 4 are in turn raising 12 kids that are at this point decent well rounded kids. Most of our family have come to the salvation of Jesus Christ, and I have confidence the others will also when they are faced with that decision. Then I have over 40 years of ministry where I have worked in and for an unbelievable variety of families.
  I will start my description with the husband/father of the home. According to scripture, he has to be the man of the house. He has to make sure he is going the right and righteous direction and then lead his family down that secure path. He must confess his need of God and His salvation through Jesus Christ. His home and family must hold first place in his life. He must take full responsibility for its welfare. He needs to have his whole family in a Gospel preaching, Bible believing, fundamental Baptist Church. He needs to take an active part in the operations of that Church. He needs to make his wife and children aware that their Church will be the center and main focus of their family social life. Any activity that interferes on a regular basis with Church should be avoided and considered un-necessary for his family. Schools, community clubs and even employers are providing more and more activities that steal the faithfulness to God's house. Parents have become convinced that their children have to have the social interaction of these activities; not realizing that they are teaching their children that the things of God come second to things of this world. God will not take 2nd place.

  Contrary to our current trends, the father should be the bread winner of the home. The wife should be the keeper of the home. The husband/father should make available all the needed resources for the home. The wife/mother should be able to distribute those resources as needed in the home. The father is the head of the home. That is not just a platitude, that is God's command! A home is not a Christian home unless the father is head of it. The wife is to be in subjection to her own husband in the Lord. That is not some brainstorm of a men's club. That is also the command of God! A father that shirks his duty as head of the home is worse than an infidel. I don't think I would want to test that law, even if I am saved in Jesus.
  The husband must love his wife and choose her above everyone else as his life companion. If he will give her true benevolence then she will be his and never break reins and run off with another man if she is a child of God and obedient to His Word. She is driven by the desire to be needed by her man. If he neglects to show that need then she feels that she has no purpose in life and becomes open to any number of relationship failures.
Both husband and wife must evidence the spirit and testimony of Jesus Christ in order to live in the same house peaceably. Their devotion toward each other will be a reflection of their devotion to the Lord individually. Speaking of which, each of them should maintain personal devotions.
  Now in regard to raising children. First of all there is no guarantees that you will raise perfect children, because you are raising sinners. Every set of parents starts out with the same base normally. Each child has his own looks, his own personality, his own finger prints and his own DNA.
  There are verses, passages and examples of what to do and what not to do in raising children in the Bible. You will find no better source of advice. I found that the verse that talks about the nurture and admonition of the Lord is the one that had the greatest impact on our raising of our children. You have to give your kids to the Lord. I mean you have to give your kids to the Lord literally. When that babe pops out of the womb, give it to God. The first opportunity (not 3 or 6 months) take that baby to Church, walk down the isle at invitation. Ask that preacher to take your baby and offer a public prayer of dedication. This does not save the baby or guarantee that it will grow up a Christian. Those things are up to you as you raise the child in Church. What you are doing is publically giving that baby to God. If it dies the next day or if it grows up to be a flaming fire for God.... it is still God's!

  I don't agree with the premise that the father has to gather the family together every day and spend 30 minutes to an hour cramming Bible into his family. A better plan is to raise questions and identify lifes situations that come regularly and turn your clan to the scriptures to find God's solution. Father, make sure that there is no question that you have dependence upon the Bible, God's Word. Make sure that your family knows that you go to your knees in prayer for daily guidance. Make sure you have a personal communication with the Lord, and that your family is aware of that. The Bible has something to say about people who make public prayer, yet evidence no knowlege of God. Your relationship with God has to be a real one not a fake one. You must have a relationship with God that will automatically pass on to your wife and children. A relationship that not only shows that you know God but that He also knows you.

I am fully aware that every reader who reads this is saying right now, "But what about my situation? He didn't say anything about that." I wish I could have touched every area of life. I can't, but I promise God did. Pick up your Bible and ask God to show you answers to your particular need.

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