The following files are articles written off the cuff mostly with hints, ideas and instructions for various areas of the ministry:
How to Know for Sure that You are Saved. 05/7/14
Why am I a Fundamental Baptist and not something else? 06/04/14
New Testament Baptist Churches 07/05/19
How to Start a Bible Believing Baptist Church 05/01/15
How to Join a Fundamental Baptist Church 05/01/15
It Came into the Church from Hell. 08-03-10
How a Fundamental Baptist Church should call a New Pastor. 05/12/19
Does the Man of God Still Exist? 05/11/29
Pastor's Wife; not another left foot 07/06/01
How to Get Rid of a Rotten Pastor 05/10/06
Muzzling the Ox 08/02/07
The Ordination Service 05/10/06
How to have a Christian Home 05/10/06
How to be a Good Member of a Fundamental Baptist Church 05/10/06
How Fundamentalists make choices 06/05/05
How to be a Good Deacon in a Fundamental Baptist Church 05/10/06
The Right Treasurer in a Church. 11-01-01
Calvinism - The Cancer of the Gospel 07/09/12
What about Church Music? 07/11/16

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