How to Join a Fundamental Baptist Church

  You are to be commended for having the desire to get into a Fundamental Baptist Church. They are just about the closest New Testament Church that you can find on the face of the earth who are true to the Word of God and identify themself by name as to who they are.
I am sorry to say that there are a few Churches that call themselves Fundamental, who are not really so. That can be found out soon enough. The first course of action is to start attending the Church personally. Every service that they announce for the public, you should plan to attend. This way after a month to six weeks, you should have a pretty good idea as to how they conduct themselves, what their pulpit speaks and whether or not you would feel at home among them.
  After the second Sunday visit, if the Pastor or some officer of the Church hasn't paid you a visit, ask the Pastor to come to your home for a get acquainted visit. Ask him to bring a copy of their Constitution and By-Laws.
  Be prepared to ask some pertinent questions. The main ones should concern their belief about the Word of God. If they are not clear on the plenary inspiration and/or the preservation of God's Word, then you must know that they are following the path to no absolutes, and will shortly fall from their steadfastness in the faith.
  The World has decided that God's Word no longer exists, and many Churches are strengthening that belief. The next doctrine that is necessary to be cleared is Baptism. Ask if the Church takes a stand against alien Baptism. In other words, they will not receive any other Church's baptism? Again if there is any hesitation to say yes to the previous question, then the Church is already melding its convictions with non-denominational thinking. The same question applies to the Lord's Supper. Ask if the Church allows Christians from other Baptist Churches partake in the ordinance?
  Most of the other doctrines are pretty standard among Baptist Churches. You might ask how committed to the statement of faith this Church is.
Tell the visiting official that you want to visit the services for 3 or 4 more weeks before you make a final decision about uniting with his Church. Ask if there is a business meeting scheduled shortly that you could also attend. These vists will give you a glimpse into the fellowship of a Church, you do not want to be part of a Church where people just show up for services then disappear. Be conscious of special called meetings that might be open to you. It will not take very long to feel at home or otherwise.
  Ask the Pastor, what the procedure is for joining the Church. He should give you the plan and also welcome you to come on in. Some Churches require an application to be filled out; I am not comfortable with that.
  Your salvation experience and your baptism should be questioned before you step forward for membership. Generally, when all these preliminaries are taken care of, all you need to do is step forward during any public invitation at a service. The alter worker or Pastor will ask why you have come forward (they should already know.) They will probably have you make a vocal request before the congregation to become a member. The Church will then give its vocal acceptance of your membership accepting your baptism or requesting that you be scripturally baptized.
  Once you have joined, let the Pastor know if you have served the Lord in your former Church in any particular capacity. Let him know if you would be willing to take on a particular task in this Church.

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