How to Know for Sure that You are Saved
  Most people who are aware of God, Jesus, Heaven or Hell usually have at least one bout of wondering whether or not they are saved and ready to go to Heaven.
 Many who are in Church sometimes get into a mode of the same question. They may go for a long period of time wondering about the answer. Something happens in the life of other Church members that suddenly demands that answer. Death of a loved one, cancer, serious sinful temptation, or even  the commital of a sin can throw anyone into spiritual doubts.
  One thing for sure, a person has to have been saved in order to enter Heaven. That rules out the hope of anyone who have always thought they were a Christian and going to Heaven!
  Jesus put it this way in John 3, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see....nor enter Heaven." In other words, salvation is a second birth. This second birth is not a weird or abnormal experience. It is an event that can only come from God through Jesus Christ. (John 14:6). It can only come at the request of the one who desires to be born again. (Romans 10:13) It can only come to one who truly believes that God saves sinners by grace through Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 2:8,9)
  Salvation is absolutely not attained by Church membership, baptism or taking the Lord's supper. Salvation is not a sudden awakening or awareness of the greatness of God! Salvation is not bestowed by any priest, preacher or minister. Salvation is not the turning over of a new leaf or the victory over a taunting sin. Even if you think you have been visited by an angel (Galatians 1:8), that is not salvation. Last but not least, is the final conclusion that actually everybody is saved and going to heaven as a result of God's goodness. God has already sent people to Hell, He is sending people to Hell right now and He will send people to Hell in the future.
  The first thing you must ask yourself, "Is there ever a time in my life when I had heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, knew that I was a sinner, and begged God to save me in the Name of Jesus Christ?" If the answer to that question is no then you are definitely not saved! There is no other way to get to God. Acts 4:12.Look up how to be saved on this website. How to be saved.
  Since you are still reading, I have to assume that you have done the above, but may still be troubled about your salvation. The most common problem here is that you are still not sure if God saved you when you did the above. The cause of this problem is that you have not asked God to save you by FAITH. In other words you have to believe God's Word and accept His free gift of salvation. Romans 6:23 You have to believe with your heart. Romans 10:9,10. Go ahead, right now ask God to save you in Jesus' name and believe that he will save you, because you have asked him to. Jesus says that anything we ask in His Name, He will do it. Just be sure you realize that he is not a rabbit's foot or genie. This is truth!
  Ok! If you are still reading; the next cause of doubt is that you may have gone and done something stupid since you accepted Christ and you feel that God has taken His salvation away from you!
  Well you can lose the joy of your salvation, if you are living in sin or have committed a grievious sin Psalms 51. Or even if you have gotten out of Church and away from Christian fellowship. Remember Christ builds His Churches out of people just like you and they form a body as they gather together. If you are not part of that body then you cannot be satisfied or completely happy. The best thing you can do is find a good Bible believing, Bible preaching Church where people are fervent to reach the lost souls of this world. Confess your sin to God and ask Him to help you get back on track as His Child.
  Are you still here? About the only thing left is that you have been in the wrong Church and have been taught that you are saved by your good works. There is nothing further from the truth. Titus 3:5. You should immediately start looking for a Church that teaches salvation by grace and grace alone. Just call Churches until you find one that will not avoid a clear answer of, "Yes!" to that question.
  A person who has truly been born of the Spirit of God will have become a different person from the moment of the salvation experience. 2 Corinthians 5:17. They very suddenly will realize several things:

   1. God does Love them.
   2. Jesus is the only Saviour.
   3. They will want to know more about what happened to them.
   4. They immediately start developing the same attitude about sin as God has.
   5. They will desire God's will for their life.
   6. They will fall in love with Jesus.
   7. They will fall in love with other believers.
   8. They will accept and desire baptism & Church membership.
   9. They will hunger for more of God's Word.
 10. They will become witnesses unto the uttermost.
If you do not love God, the people of God and the things of God, then you are not a child of God!

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